31 July, 2008

Photo of the Day

I'm not sure who this photo is by - if anyone knows, tell me - but I love what they've done with the veil!

Photo of the Day

Man, I've been so busy. I think I forgot even to put up a photo yesterday, let alone blog properly. Humblest abject apologies. :-)

Look at this underside dress shot by Tomas Flint - it looks like a beautiful flower!

29 July, 2008

Photo of the Day

Nice framing by W. Scott Chester photography.

28 July, 2008

27 July, 2008

Photo of the Day

I love Trista Lerit - her pictures are so bright and beautiful.

26 July, 2008

The Great Invitation Assembly Line, Part 2: "Don't Eat That!"

When I last left you, I'd described in painstaking, mind-numbing detail all the epic organisation we had to go through to get to the day when we could actually create something out of it! And here we were! Done on the same day as my great heart-stopping damask chop, we got that out of the way, had lunch, and then proceeded not to eat the dessert-like goodness that was laid out in front of us.

So without further ado, here are the invitations that caused us so much hair-tearing:

The invitations, three per awesome gold page.

The beginning of the cutting. Sister Ruby Slippers and Best Friend-Ruby slippers were put on gold-cutting duty...

While I got to slice gold tinfoil into slab-wrappable-sized pieces. I only messed up a few... you know, five or six. Out of forty-eight.

Mr Slippers got artistic and took this photo of the resulting tower of tinfoil.

In the meantime, I had my Mom cut up the Wonka wrappers for the outside. Here we are all as busy as bees!

The resulting invitation. Our Actual Wedding Invitation! I love it; it's so cute and quirky!

Now, open up the tubs containg forty-eight painstakingly hand-crafted slabs of chocolate...

Place the slab gently onto the gold foil, and place the golden ticket even more gently onto the slab...

And wrap the foil around them.

Resulting in a lovely pile of gold-wrapped yumminess, which no one even tried to eat! Even me! There's a good shot of Mr RS's Wonka Wrappers too.

Now take said Wonka wrapper, wrap it around the tinfoiled slab, and stick it together at the back.

And voila! Wonka's whipplescrumptiousfudgemallowdelights for everyone!

Mmmm...big pile of chocolate...with golden wedding awesomeness inside!

And now for the final embellishments! Plus we needed something to attach people's names to - because, obviously, these little babies are hand-deliver only.

Take a surprisingly long piece of black satin ribbon...

Insert one silly sister and Wonka slab...

Be somewhat over-excited about the fact that it goes around the slab (ok, I don't know WHY I look so thrilled!)

And another voila! Elegant black finishing-touches, ready to attach namecards to. (Which we didn't do, because in the epic mission at idiot printers, there wasn't time).

And here they all are! I'm so excited at how fun and beautiful they turned out!

Can I just say that I really hope people KNOW what the heck these are? Or all that melting-chocolate-dealing-with-idiot-printers fun will have been, you know, for NOTHING. I'm a little worried that the older generation might not be Roald Dahl-clued up. What do you think?

Photo of the Day

Beautiful framing and colour by Meg Baisden.

25 July, 2008

Photo of the Day

Next Exit Photography - I'm loving sepia and black & white at the moment!

24 July, 2008

23 July, 2008

The Great Invitation Assembly Line, Part 1: The Prequel

Anyone see that episode of I Love Lucy where Lucy and Ethel get jobs at a chocolate factory on the assembly line, and the conveyor belt keeps going faster and faster until they're forced to shove the unwrapped chocolates anywhere they can?

Well, Sunday at Mom Ruby Slippers' house was like my own personal episode of I Love Lucy, assembly line, chocolate, the works. Ok, so there was no conveyor belt, and the pace was far more leisurely, and there was no stuffing of chocolate into mouths with hilarious results....but there WAS chocolate, dammit! And the packaging thereof!

But first, some back story:

When Mr RS and I first got engaged, all I knew was that I wanted crimson/maroon/dark red as my main wedding colour; I would use it for the bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, centrepieces, and I naturally assumed that it would spill over into the invitations as well. Since at that point I wanted roses for pretty much all my flowers, I though this would be a pretty, matchy invitation:
So cute, right? But a few weeks into the planning I got talking to Best-Friend-Bridesmaid-Ruby-Slippers, from which conversation arose the idea to have more film-themed stuff in our wedding. Because, let's face it, we are the biggest movie geeks ever. Ok, not EVER.

One of the things we discussed was the invitations. One good idea (that didn't really grab me, though) was to do a movie ticket design for the invites. Like I said, I like the IDEA, but I didn't like the look of any of the designs I saw online. They just looked a little plain.

Actually these ones are pretty nice, but I just didn't feel them, you know?

And then BF-BM-RS mentioned an idea she'd seen done for a wedding: WILLY WONKA'S GOLDEN TICKET INVITATIONS.

What an awesome idea, right? Which, naturally, I promptly and blatantly stole.
Over the next five months, it transpired that bloody golden tickets are actually a whole mission to DIY. First of all, you have to find paper that is actually gold. Not that booooring browny, gold-flecked frosted gold. Actual, shiny gold that glows. That reflects light. That looks like treasure, dammit! Eventually, after looking in every art, scrapbooking and paper shop I could find, I found some in a shop called Paper Paradise in Fourways Mall. Nearly R6 a sheet, but since by our reckoning we could fit three invites per sheet, we would only need seventeen or so. We took twenty to be safe (and a good thing too).

Before buying all twenty, however, I did the safe and smart thing and took one page to a print shop to see if the thickish cardboard it was made of was actually printable-on. The first shop managed it, but their print came out scratch-off-able (loving these new words I'm coining). Well, that was kind of pointless, because we had no way of knowing if any of the print would come off the invitations in transit to the guests, and it would pretty much suck if they opened an invitation with half the wording missing. So I went to a photo printing shot and they managed to laser it on. Success!
Or so you'd think. We went back, bought twenty sheets of shiny gold goodness, and Mr Slippers went back to the photo shop. Well, what do you know? They said it was impossible. Wtf? No matter how much he told them they'd done it before, they wouldn't believe him. So in desperation he went back to the first place, with the scratch-off print. Guess what? Same story! Apparently my presence inspires printers to print onto seemingly impossible gold card, and his does not. So, deciding "bugger this for a bunch of overripe bananas" we went back, together, to the photo printing shop. Amazingly, the guy who had confirmed "impossible" to Mr Slippers was the guy who had served me before, and, on recognising me, suddenly "remembered" how to print it. Where do they FIND these morons?
I'll try not to go into the font story, where the Wonka font had not embedded properly in the document, because MS Word is the VERY DEVIL HIMSELF and does not allow WordArt to be embedded, and the printshop employees would not let Mr RS, a computer technician, install the font on their computer in case it "messed up their system". Yes, because fonts have a nasty way of doing that. So Mr RS had to drive all the way home, print out the page, take it back and have them scan it in and print from that.

But wait, there's more. Remember that the Golden Ticket Invitation is not just about the ticket itself. If we were going to do the whole Wonka thing, there had to be a chocolate slab involved somewhere (Mmm, chocolate and weddings, a winning combination). We started by looking at actual Wonka Bars, but these proved useless since they were horribly expensive and came in an annoying foil-fresh-wrap, which meant that we would have to print our own wrappers anyway, rendering it pointless to buy said bars in the first place.

So I went to a chocolate shop and bought two narrow slab moulds, 5 kilos of baking chocolate, and proceeded to make 48 slabs myself. It wasn't hard, actually - I could do two at a time, and most nights I did five lots of two, so it really only took me five nights of running up and down stairs to throw in a fresh batch in between tv and blogstalking. And voila! 48 fresh, shiny, chocolatey slabs. Yum.

As the final touch, I had Mr Slippers design a Wonka wrapper for the outside, with the map to our venue on the back (stroke of genius, that). So with all the pieces in place, we set off for our assembly line party.


Photo of the Day

Great light by Kate Harrison.

22 July, 2008

Photo of the Day

Great use of light and shadows by John & Joseph Photography.

21 July, 2008

Look what iiiiiiiiiiiiii got!

I'll give you a hint.

Oh, am I too obvious?

Yup, you guessed it - I FINALLY found damask for my table runners! Whoohoooooooo!

Here it is laid out on the edge of my bed. What a great pattern, right? And though you can't tell, the black part is flocked (ie velvety), giving it a wonderful luxurious texture. Mmmm.

So on Sunday when we had our great invitation assembly line (more on that story later) at Mom and Dad Ruby Slippers' house, I laid it out on their dining room table and cut it into strips, using only the pattern and my own wits to guide me...

Sister Ruby Slippers, Best Friend Slippers and Mom Slippers look on in horror and amazement as uncoordinated little me slices into yummy damask goodness...

"This isn't so hard!" (Best Friend RS and Mom RS seem to be enjoying it, anyway!)

Turns out my arms aren't as long as an eight-seater dining room table...Sister RS is deep in thought trying to solve this puzzle...

Ah, what the heck, I'll just jump on the table and do it that way! Check out my Dad in the background taking pictures of me with my butt in the air!

Deep concentration is so attractive. :-) And my highlights totally need redoing!

So there you have it. I've left them there with lovely Mom Slippers and her slightly iffy sewing machine, to be transformed into the yummy wedding goodness that you saw in the first two pictures. And there's even enough left for the cake table, if I can find out how big that is!

Do you think I'm asking too much in hoping that they won't be too damaged after the wedding so that I can sew them together and make curtains for our new house? Because talk about reuseable practicality!

Man, I love damask.

Photo of the Day

Look closely at this picture by Neil Van Niekerk. Notice how the trees and bushes seem to form a heart shape around the couple. How frikkin cute is that???

20 July, 2008

Photo of the Day

In keeping with my Classic Film feel, here's one by Greg Gibson.

19 July, 2008

Photo of the Day

I love this veil shot by Greg Bumatay. It's gorgeous the way the veil seems to become a pool on the floor...

Classic engagement

It all started when Mr Ruby Slippers and I decided we wanted to incorporate more classic film type stuff into our wedding. We already had the general Old Hollywood feel (well, hopefully we do) and the table names being classic stars. But what that table name discussion led to was a realisation that we couldn't agree on the perfect name for our head table! I, of course, was all for Judy Garland, but Mr Slippers had a point when he said that it would just look like I made every single decision about everything to do with the wedding (Um, didn't I?). Anyway, so that was off the table (haha), as was BM-Best Friend's suggestion of using a classic couple like Fred & Ginger (which I really loved, but apparently it was also too much Miss and not enough Mr Ruby Slippers). So anyway, at some point, Mr RS suggested that we just name the table after ourselves. Which I immediately vetoed, because how was it going to fit into the classic movie theme without a picture of classic movie stars on both the table and the table listing?

Aha. Here's how:

We take our engagement shoot (which is included in the photography package we chose) and make it Old Hollywood Style.

Sometimes I am just too brilliant.

Not only will it serve the purpose of being used at the wedding and fitting in with the theme, but I love the idea of having photos of me in that screen goddess, 1940's style.

Bring on this:

Ok, I know I've just picked the three most beautiful women in classic film, so there is no WAY I am ever going to look that good, but pictures of me that even begin to emulate this style will be A-ok by me! (by the way, the three are Veronica Lake, Lauren Bacall and Gene Tierney. They are my absolute top classic film beauties. I won't be using any of them at the wedding, though, partly because none of them are in my top favourite four actress list, and partly because, hey, I don't wanna look bad!)

So then I started hunting around for pictures of engagement shoots done in this style. I found a couple, mostly by accident, so there might be more out there...but it's good, because it means it's not a whole big wedding rage, idea of the moment thing! I want to do something slightly unique!

What I did find a lot of was pictures of Katherine Heigl (man, that girl looks good in Old Hollywood!) Look at these two pics from a great Vanity Fair shoot she recently did:

Smokin' hot! Pictures of me looking like this would also be pretty A-frikkin-okay!

And yes, I know Mr Slippers has to fit in there somehow too. Which is why I found actual couple e-shoots in this theme too:

Two pics above by Tanja Lippert

Photo by Julie Mikos

And these, which aren't specifically e-shoots (some are weddings, and some aren't even really "themed", but the photographer has conveyed the look I want:

Photo by Christina Craft of Funkytown Photography

Photo by Kelly McCord

How stunning are these? I can't wait for September! - which is when, after speaking with my photographer, Tanja, we've decided to do it. The weather will be better and any outside shots will look greener and just generally prettier. Now all we need is a location! At first I was thinking an old-style hotel, with chandeliers, wood-panelling and a grand piano (Ha, I'm just picturing myself stretched out on it!), but then both Tanja and my friend Henni suggested Gold Reef City. My first reaction (and Mr Slippers'!) was, "Um, theme park? Rides? In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary, "Come again??"" But when I thought about it, it made sort of sense. There will be olde buildings and, best of all, an old theatre! Love the ideas of photos in an old theatre! But I haven't been there for at least eight years so I can't really remember. Also we'd have to pick the quietest day we possibly could, because a theme park is, well, BUSY, to put it mildly! Any suggestions?