16 August, 2010

Must Love Dogs

Last night on my way home from rehearsal I saw a little Jack Russell wandering on the side of the road. I'd been seeing signs posted up on the side of the roads in my area for days now, about a missing Jack Russell, so I immediately stopped my car and got out to try and catch the poor little thing, in case it was the right one. He/she was so scared, though, that he just bolted away from me into the darkness. I drove to find one of the signs about the dog and called the owner to tell them what I'd seen, and he drove straight out to the intersection. He smsed me later to say thanks, but they hadn't been able to find the dog.

I felt so sad that it hadn't worked out. I love dogs so much (all animals, really), and I just lay in bed feeling sad and missing my dog Shadow, who had died in 2006 at the age of 17, and thinking about how devastated I would have been if she'd ever disappeared and I'd never found her. And in fact, feeling sad and missing all my pets that have passed on. And I've had a lot.

I'm so weird, but I'm really upset about this poor dog and its poor owners. :-(

This is Shadow. What a sweet girl.


  1. Oh, things like that break my heart too! I also feel guilty going on vacation for a week, even though my roommate is really good to my cat. I know she misses me and I wish so badly that I could explain to her I am coming back!! Shadow is a cutie :)

  2. I was just earlier today thinking about how much I miss my cranky old cat Earthquake and how much I wonder what happened to her. I got her long before I got married and my husband is allergic so, to keep him healthy and the cat in the family, my mom took her. She lives out along a country highway so many an animal has met its demise out there. However, when my cat disappeared there was no sign of her. Mom went to the neighbors, the animal shelter (although, since folks dump animals off where she lives as opposed to picking them up I doubted animal control ever saw her), looked up and down the highway and along the sides - nothing. Also, the law at their house is that one animal disappears and another shows up to take its place. My brother found a kitten on the side of the road coming home from school shortly after my girl disappeared and we pretty much knew without knowing - she was gone for good.
    Today has been a day where I need my Earthquake.
    I know how you feel about pets missing and stopping to try to help. I have on several occasions stopped to try to help wandering animals and once actually had a stray Golden Retriever just leap into my car ready to go home with me. She had tags and when I called the owners they were SO happy. They had been devastated when they discovered she had managed to escape the back yard that morning and were very pleased to be reunited with their precious Brandy. :)

  3. I've also got the habit to collect stray animals. In the beginning Gerrie used to get annoyed with me, now he's just gotten used to it. I always try to find the owner - and if all else fails, I find them a good home. I just believe that these animals never asked to be here, so it's our job to make sure they are safe, happy and loved. I get so angry with people not taking care of their pets. Our cats aren't just cats - they're our children. Here for us after a horrible wedding, when we don't look our best and just need a good laugh - somehow they just know - and then we get extra love. what would we do without them :)
    Hope all is going well on your side!

  4. I had a cat I loved dearly disappear. It's an awful feeling not knowing what happened. I put up signs and went to vets and animal shelters to no avail. I finally decided he had found a nice new home, with a very nice new family.
    Shadow is adorable. I know you miss him.

  5. When I was little I grew with a dog. As far as I remember she was one of the best memories I have from my childhood. What ever I did to her she still didn't barked towards me. Unfortunately when she got in to her last years she started to do some messes around the apartment. She became blind, I don't know the exact word in English, but it's not a permanent blindness, something like a curtain over the eye.

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  6. Its understandable we feel the pain of the lost pet and its owners.I just hope this story has a happy ending.

  7. Love to know that you wrote about loving a dog. My friends is really addict when it comes to dog. He even let his dogs wear shoes and clothes. How wonderful his dogs are but I still want to know if dogs can be a replacement for his cats... funny but he is a cat lover before.

  8. It's really sad how people abandon dogs. poor guy.

  9. CUTEST LITTLE PUPPY!!!! We love doing pet photography. Pets are such a part of the family.


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