30 April, 2009

Happy Happy

I can hardly believe it. It just seems to have sneaked up on us, but somewhere between today and tomorrow is my and Mr Ruby Slippers' six month anniversary! (because there is no 31st of April :-)) It seems like just the other day that we were standing in the chapel, promising to love each other forever. It's been a fabulous, wonderful, beautiful experience. We tell each other all the time how happy we are to have found and married each other. Le sigh. It's great.

Lately Mr RS has taken to leaving me love notes as my screensaver, so I can walk into the computer room and see "I love you!" dancing around my screen. Yesterday the screensaver read: "Look under keyboard!" I did, and saw this:


Oh, and while I'm at it, I sort of forgot to mention it was my birthday this month. Mr Ruby Slippers took note of the pleas I didn't even know I was emitting (how good is he?), and got me THIS:

A brand-new widescreen LCD for my computer! So I can edit more easily. He's so delicious I could just eat him up. And I can. Cos he's my HUSBAND. For six months! Heee!

28 April, 2009

My third wedding

Here are some pics from my third and most recent wedding. This one was at Avianto.

Bear with me; this sword is going to make a lot of appearances in this post. And I love swords. They're so swashbuckly :-)

Perfecting the "Blue Steel" gaze...

Mark offered his sword to Cheryl in a very gallant, "white knight" scenario during the ceremony. Aw.

I HAD to use the sword as a prop to get a great "ring shot"!

I fell in love with this lavender field:

What a nicely-timed butterfly:

Cheryl wanted a shot of her pretending to slay Mark. They were such fun!

And the sword appears for cake-cutting again...

Aha! A cake smash! Whoohoo!

She loved it really:

During the reception we pulled Mark and Cheryl out for some sunset shots:

Lovely. Congratulations, Cheryl & Mark, and thanks for being fun and willing to do anything!

25 April, 2009

RIP Beatrice Arthur

One of my favourite ladies of stage and screen is gone.

I grew up with her as my favourite character on The Golden Girls, and I had the absolute privilege of seeing her perform live in 2003. Not forgetting her film-saving turn as Vera in the not-so-great screen version of Mame.

Thank you for being a friend.

I'm not clued up enough to figure out how to embed a youtube video here, but go to this link and see how wonderful she was.


Photographer Friday: Junshien Lau

So I've been sucking at posting lately. Sorry, everyone (especially Sarah, who called me on it! :P) I guess, now that the wedding's over, sometimes it's just hard to come up with something to say. But I can always continue featuring my favourite photographers till I come up with something I can talk about it! So here, one day late, is Photographer Friday (now retitled in my head as : Can I BE this photographer, please?)

Today I'm featuring Junshien Lau. My favourite photos are ones that really POP with colour, and boy, does he deliver that for me!

The groom's face in this next one just cracks me up:


20 April, 2009

My second wedding

Early on Friday morning, Tanja (for whom I was 2nd shooting) and I trekked out to the game lodge of Zebula, near(ish) Warmbaths, for the wedding of Jerry and Patricia. Typically we got there much earlier than we needed to be, but at least that gave us time to check into our awesome digs and look around the property. Later I'll show you some animal snaps I got, but for now, here's the wedding:

Our winter skies just slay me:

Yes, yes, I said no animal pictures, but while we were waiting for Patricia to arrive this awesome zebra turned up to see what was going on. Unfortunately I frightened him away with my scary camera. I love the way he just strolled across the golf course!

If only everyone could leave the ground simultaneously:

This setting sun rocked my world, which is why there are so many pictures of it!

I could die from gorgeousness overload.