25 June, 2010

Books & shelving

Lately I've kind of been obsessing over shelving. Especially bookshelves. Mostly because I have what Mr Rubyslippers would call a metric fuck ton of books. And dvds. We have nine, yes, NINE, bookcases in our bedroom and Spare Oom, and the depressing thing is that I've left hundreds of books at my parents' house because there was nowhere to put them here, and I kind of miss them. I mean, I probably wouldn't be reading them anyway, but I miss having them around. Books to me are twofold: they are awesome to read AND they look awesome on a shelf. Maybe it's the collector in me, but I just love the look of rows of books. Especially if there's a full series. MMm. This is probably why I still look out for the Nancy Drews I don't have, even though I haven't read one for years. I am a completist.

Anyway, lately I've been saving a lot of pictures of bookshelves and just shelving in general. Some practical, some not at all, but still totally awesome.

This is what I've always wanted: a full wall of shelving (except mine would go all the way up to the ceiling, because, really, that's just wasted space up there!)

Another one that's pretty awesome:

But then I see awesome things like this, and I want them, no matter how much space they waste:

Clearly I like tree-shaped things. :-)

And then I get into swirly shapes, and it just sets my heart aflutter:

And my personal favourite:

Look, another tree:

I love the idea of this, even though the book-lover in me cringes at the idea of leaving a book lying open face-down like that. It's SO bad for the spine! But look how cute, like a little birdhouse!

This is so elegant:

And this is completely crazy:

I'm so obsessed with interior decor at the moment!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love ALL the tree and swirly ones! You remind me of my best friend- she owns more books than anyone I know- her bedroom walls are lined with shelves and she still has piles on the floor next to each shelf. I hope you find a practical and beautiful book storage solution!

  2. Have you seen the picture of the book case stairs!!?? I'm kind of obsessed about these:


  3. Thanks Skye!

    Sarah - I used to have that pic somewhere! I totally love it as well! But have you seen how steep they look as you go DOWN them? Yikes!

  4. There is (almost) nothing I'm more anal about than book organisation! I'd love walls of all my books together and cannot control myself if someone leaves a book face down with its spine open - awful!

  5. These are the most original bookcases I have ever seen! Wow. We love books and these are inspiring!


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