04 June, 2010

Do it at home, people.

Today on my way home from an awesome photography workshop-slash-get-together, I got the following text from Mr Ruby Slippers:

"Supper plans? Because I was thinking (doesn't need to finish sentence)"

Which made me chuckle, because obviously - to me - he was referring to eating out, which we both love, and which is probably our one vice as a couple, because it tends to eat into your bank balance a lot more than cooking at home. So naturally I said yes.

Anyway, once I got home we decided on ribs from the only place near us that makes ribs worth eating, Thundergun. NOM. We then had to decide on somewhere else, because it was nearly 7pm and I made Mr RS call and make sure there was a table. Which there was...in "at least an hour". So it was back to our old faithful, Ruby's sushi, which has great sushi and is never jampacked. And I'm kind of glad we did, because we got to hear the couple at the table next to us having a fight, which totally made my evening, if only because it highlighted how much cooler we are than them. Ugh. We would never go out for sushi and then spend the evening bitching at other in lowered tones that everyone around us could hear anyway about "never listening" and "this is shit" and "I care more about you than you do about me" and other such crap.

I have to say this tiff at the table next door really aroused my curiosity, because I'm nosy like that. It took Mr RS longer to cotton onto the fact that there even was a fight, but then I think men don't eavesdrop as easily as we women do. Sorry ladies, fact. So there we were in the middle of a fab conversation about how they could possibly make a continuation series of Firefly  (which would have to be a prequel so that Wash could be there, but then that would leave out River and her brother, which I was fine with because Summer Glau has always kind of annoyed me anyway, but Mr Slippers, for some reason, likes her, so he disagreed) and all the while I was straining my ears to hear what on earth was going on with this crazy couple, while still listening to Mr RS and responding intelligently. If ever you want to test your powers of concentration, do this. It's hard.

Anyway, I somehow got the feeling that the beginning of the fight sprung up, seemingly out of nowhere, soon after the arrival of their sushi (where they discussed which piece was which), because "you never talk to me and you never listen" (guess which gender said THAT). And I couldn't help but think it was because they were listening to us talking and laughing and making it look so easy to be a fun, in love couple who could happily just talk about random interesting things. Because there certainly was a pause from their table (seriously, these tables were close. I could have stretched out and taken their sushi without getting up) while we were having a conversation about alleged top movies, and why 2001: A Space Odyssey needs a rewatch to be sure it is that bad (Mr Slippers) and why Butch Cassidy was awesome, and ergo why we should watch The Sting (me). Maybe it's all in my head, but I think they envied us. So of course we endeavoured to make our conversation all the more sparkling and witty, because that's just what we do. All in unspoken agreement, of course. Afterwards, when we both admitted we'd been doing it, I fell in love with Mr Ruby Slippers just a little bit more. :-)

As for the couple, eventually the woman got up and hissed, "I don't want to argue in front of these people," and I thought "I thought you already were", and the man said, a split-second later, "I thought you already were." I almost went "SNAP!"

Then they stalked off outside, and when we left, the woman was sitting in her car alone, and the man was halfway down the block, sulking next to a streetpole. As for us, we went and got delicious icecream and said things like "I love us" a lot.

I wish people would have the decency to fight in the privacy of their own home, but since it happened that they didn't, I rather enjoyed it. I just wished I was someone like House, and could come up with some flabbergastingly brilliant remark, and actually have the guts to say it. Now that would have been awesome.


  1. I think I just fell in love with YOU even more. How can one woman use so many commas in one sentence and make it work?? You rock. This totally made me think of my man and I. :)

  2. Haha, I'm totally a comma over-user! If that's even a word. :-) I love commas! Thanks, hon :-)

  3. I absolutely loved this. You and Mr. RS remind me of me and my hubby; I could totally picture us doing the same thing, having the same conversations, and rubbing our in-love-ness all over the air. Schadenfreude!

    BTW they're going to restart Firefly!?! What about Castle? (Who Cares! WOOT!)

    ~Mandi (Florida)

  4. Nope, sorry to get your hopes up about Firefly! It was a hypothetical "what if" discussion we were having...

    Schadenfreude indeed! Heee.


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