04 December, 2008

The Ruby Slippers Wedding video

Guess what I've spent the last few days doing? Playing with my wedding video! Mr Slippers and I decided not to hire a professional videographer, mostly because we couldn't afford it and spend the money on a great photographer. Pictures were more important to us than video, but I also knew that my Dad's friend, Rick, who is permanently attached to his camera, would be filming all day no matter what, so we asked him to make sure he got all the important stuff. I will say that he didn't do the best job. He cut in the middle of the dances, the speeches, and lots of the reception stuff is very dark and jumpy. HOWever, there is lots of footage apart from that, and it was quite enough for me to cobble bits together and set them to two songs I really love.

Apologies for the poor quality (Rick's fault) and the unimaginative editing (the program I used has only basic functions and a plethora of incredibly cheesy transition effects, like page-flipping and checkerboard blocks. Needless to say, I didn't use any of those, so it's all just straight cutting.)

Bits to look out for:

*2:12 - My Dad doing a "yipee!" movement. The officiant asked "Who gives this woman?" and he responded properly "I do", and then the officiant looked at him as if to say, "are you sure?", and he went, "That's me!" and did the "yipee!" motion! Haha.

*2:44 - Me after reading my vows and doing a little "yipee!" of my own - because I didn't cry!

*3:06 - Mr RS struggling to get my ring on. I left it all there because it's so cute. Everyone was laughing.

*3:55 - Tanja telling us to slow down because we were walking through the confetti-throwing too fast!

*05:09 - Me laughing at Mr RS taking an unexpected bite of cake (it was the first thing he'd eaten all day). He's saying "What? It's good!"

*05:25 - My Dad clowning around in the group photos...he's so cute.

*07:00 - The garter throwing. The story here is that the girl who, um, caught the bouquet (ok, picked it up from the floor after my violent throw too far) is engaged to Mr Slippers' boss, the guy in the dark blue shirt. They were the only engaged couple at the wedding, so all his work colleagues were trying to make sure he got the garter. That's why the guy next to him grabs the garter and flicks it to him.

I hope you enjoyed...I know the crowd shots can get a bit boring because you don't know any of the people, but *I* do, so I had to put them in there!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! No need to apologize on the quality, I thought it was great. You looked really beautiful and a very handsome hubby you've got there!!
    I loved the shot of you showing your ruby slippers!

  2. I had an uncle film ours as well. This gave me hope as to what I will be able to manage with our very similar footage!

  3. Thanks, guys. It was fun and really easy to put together, so I think you'll have fun doing it, Jenna! With a better program you could do even better - it definitely lost some quality when I rendered it, or whatever it's called.


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