21 December, 2008

Shoot that Ring!

Like so many other bloggers out there, I got inspired by Anne Ruthmann's awesome post about taking great pictures of your ring with your ordinary old (crappy) point & shoot camera. My camera (Mr Ruby Slippers' six-year-old-at least camera, really), is pretty shite. But I set out to see what I could do!

I had SO much fun doing this. I really must take some kind of photography course. You know, to justify how much time I spend looking at photography blogs. :-)

First up, I tried the rings (all three, not just my engagement ring) on one of our invitations. I had taken this one with to the wedding, but in the mad rush I forgot to give it to Tanja to use. Doh. Rectifying the situation coming right up!

Then, continuing the wedding theme, I took some shots on one of the Oscar chocolates:
And on the ribbon that was round the invitation:

Then I found one of my books that I thought would have a good cover for this kind of shot:

And some random plant/leaf/flower shots:

I know you can barely see the ring in this shot, but I loved how the flowers looked against the sky. There was a very unobliging bee who kept getting out of the shot just as I took it. On the up side, he didn't sting me, so I guess that's a good thing!

Then I whipped out our Corpse Bride Cake Toppers and took a few with them:
And finally I had the totally adorable (I thought!) idea of hanging the rings on the washing-line with coloured clothes-pegs. Some of these aren't technically great, but I think they're so cuuuute!

Ok, so my crappy point & shoot wouldn't let me get as close as I wanted to take some serious detail ring shots, but I had a lot of fun finding cool places to put them!

Then I started getting sunburnt, so Mr RS and I took a dip in the pool to cool off, while he complained about his finger feeling naked. Aww.


  1. The sky in the pictures with the clothes pins looks so beautiful!! I think you did a great job and your engagement ring is so pretty!

  2. Thank you so much! It was so much fun. And yep, I lurve my e-ring!

  3. I love the clothespin shots. I like when people take ordinary things and pair them with something extraordinary and make it beautiful.

  4. Wow, I never thought of it like that, Jenna. That's beautiful!


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