15 June, 2009

Alice in Waterland

Some of you may know the site DeviantART. It's an amazing forum for photographers and artists to display their work and get inspired by others. Some days I've practically lived on there, there is so much gorgeousness to see. It's like photography porn (in the best way, just as sites like Style Me Pretty and The Brides Cafe are wedding porn:-))

Anyway, I was wandering about there tonight, and I came across the most gorgeous set of underwater images by sugarock99. She's taken a series of Alice in Wonderland-themed shots (except they're Alice in WATERland, in this case) that are absolutely breathtaking. I just had to share some of them.

Go see the rest! And look at her other underwater pictures; they're magical.

Now I want underwater housing for my camera, boo.

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  1. I was curious about that other wedding dress sketch thing you mentioned on Mrs. Tucan's post and methinks someone is pimping for money because they tried the exact same thing on the one that lambasted my paintings.

    Though it's one hell of a crappy deal. You spend $100 for one sketch (which takes me all of 10-20 minutes to do) that's not in color.


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