30 June, 2009

Down the Yellow Brick Road Part XVIII: Speeches

Guys, I am SUCH a nana. And by that I mean short-for-banana, not that I'm someone's grandmother. :-) The reason I'm a silly banana? I forgot I'd never finished my wedding recaps.

Cue shock, horror, and possible fainting.

I know, right? I start a blog about planning my wedding, and then forget to finish the wedding! But, in fairness, all this business of me photographing other people's weddings kind of took over. And I was almost done! There's just the reception left, and...well, I don't know if being a wedding photographer has rubbed off on me, but the reception really isn't the most interesting part of the day. Not that I didn't like mine. But still.

Anyway, onward down the road of yellow bricks! If you want to catch up on everything that happened before, scroll to the bottom of this post and follow the many links. Otherwise, continue...

We arrived into the reception hall to the fanfare that comes in the middle of "Rose Tint My World" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Did I mention we're quirky movie nerds? Yeah.

Then Mr Ruby Slippers swept me around for a kiss...

Don't get freaked out by this next photo. We're really NOT licking each other's tongues. It just looks like we are.

Look! A wedding ring on my new husband! Yay!

Then we sat down and my mom helped me get my veil off and hook up my train. I also dumped my bouquet in the champagne bucket. I'm so classy.

It's getting on for eight months later now, people (EIGHT MONTHS), so details are a bit hazy. I know there were some speeches, from my Dad:

Want to know what's special about his tie? It's the one he wore when he married my Mom in 1971. I just thought it was the best idea to have him wear it...happy marriage mojo, and such...

My Dad is the king of bad puns. Here we are reacting to one:

Best Man Ricky gave a great, funny speech. I KNEW he was going to talk about the night Mr Ruby Slippers and I got together, and he did. See, it was a Christmas party, and Mr RS and I got to kissing on the bed (that's all, I promise!), and Best Man Ricky came bounding in to say goodbye. There was much hurried sitting up and straightening of hair on our parts, and awkward, "Um, ok, I'm going now, because I don't know what to say and I'm embarassed" shuffling stammers on his part. Good times. :-)

I've been trying for DAYS to get the video of this speech uploaded. Blogger isn't playing ball. If I ever get it in, I'll send you an updated heads up! Sorry.

There was toasting of and to each other at some point:

Finally, Mr RS got his turn. As he arrived at the mike, the DJ cut in with "I'm too sexy...", and my hubby played along:
His speech - when he got to it, was sweet, funny, and loving, just like him. I think I teared up a tiiiiny bit, but remembering the high I was on that day, not much.

I love you, hubby Slippers.

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