11 August, 2009

Get along, little dawgies

My in-laws are part-timers at a dog obedience school, so a few weeks ago I went along on a cold Sunday morning to see if I could get some doggy shots. And boy, was it not easy. Those little canines move FAST. However, I did get a few shots I like!

This is Rolex. Why is he called Rolex, I hear you ask?

Wait for it....

Because he's a Big Watch Dog.

*cue cringing at bad pun* But he's a very sweet dog. And only seven months old. Yikes.

This guy was just waiting patiently outside the clubhouse (ok, he was tied there with his leash, but he looked patient!

I love Weimeraners. So graceful. Now don't go and tell me this isn't one! He's still graceful, okay!

This lady/gent (never got up; couldn't see, didn't ask) was very good at posing. I got about eight shots of her/him looking exactly the same.

I like what I did on the editing on this one.


This is Thelma or Louise. They're sisters, and I couldn't tell the difference. SO ADORABLE.

Adorable tongue!
Adorable mouth!
Aw, look at this little guy concentrating on walking the plank:


I love the jumping shots!

"I did good, mom? Huh? Huh?"

"I'm just gawna sit over here..."

Aw, look at the little one jumping over the same height pole as the big dogs. "Wheee! I'm flying!"

Did I ever mention I love dogs? Man. If people ask me if I'm a dog or cat person, I firmly say "BOTH". Sure, cats are less work, they're cleaner, less smelly, and they make that really cute throbbing sound when they sit on your lap. But dogs are so loving and happy, and fun to DO stuff with. You can't take your cat for a run round the garden, that's for sure. So I love them both.


  1. OH my goodness those puppies are so CUTE!!

  2. Awh, too cute!! I love huskies..they're really beautiful!

    Nice photos.

  3. I think that tan dog is actually a vizla. They look a lot like Wiems but are brown and not silver.

    The doggies are all adorable.

    Great Danes are so funny when they're puppies. They grow so fast they don't realize when they're suddenly far too big to fit in your lap or in say thier old puppy beds so they'll still try.

  4. Awwww, so cute!

    It's a nearly impossible feat to get a photo of our boxer, unless it's with a camera phone. Point a real camera at him and he turns away. He's as bad as any camera shy human. :D

  5. totally cool! I want a dog called Rolex!
    We had friends who had a white fluffy maltese poodle called Ceremony because it blended in so well with their Flokati carpet. "Don't stand on Ceremony" .... geddit?


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