26 August, 2009

Workshops & Broadway and stuff

On Friday I will be going to Cape Town to attend a workshop by one of my favourite photographers, Christine Meintjes. This is kind of a huge deal for many reasons:

1) Christine's photography kicks ass, so I'm nervous;
2) This is only the second time I've flown and arrived somewhere alone;
3) I have to pick up a rental car;
4) I have to DRIVE said rental car in a city I've never driven in and have only been to twice in my life. And I'm a person who gets lost a lot. The GPS had better be fanfrikkintastic to me. I don't think I'd GO if I couldn't take Mr Ruby Slippers' GPS.
5) The last workshop I attended kind of sucked in many ways, so I don't want this one to as well.

In other news:
I'm doing a Broadway musical revue with my community theatre group (remember Allo Allo?), and I'm LOVING it. Singing is one of my greatest passions. Broadway musicals - heck, any musicals - are another! Sister and BFF Ruby Slippers are also in it, and I'm making lots of new friends! Nothing like three-part harmony to help you meet people. The last two rehearsals we've been learning the dance for "You Can't Stop the Beat" from Hairspray, and let me just say that they don't call it "You can't Stop to Breathe" for nothing. You can barely breathe in the song itself, let alone breathe while dancing. I have the greatest respect for all those performers who sing and dance and make it look easy.

I'm hoping for some solos. I have my eye on "Le Jazz Hot" and "Don't Rain on my Parade"...I'm also singing the role of Link in "You Can't Stop to Breathe", because, well, there are no men in the show. I don't know about you, but I've found men are notorious for NOT coming to community theatre...oh well, now we get two dressing rooms! Whoohoo! And we get to be Broadway Babes.

And now I'd better go wash some dishes. Peace out, and stuff.


  1. hmmmm.. no video of rehearsals? I wanna hear you sing!! ;)

  2. Um. Maybe later, when I actually know the songs and don't look like a tosser on stage. :-) We've spent the last five rehearsals on one song, anyway. I haven't got to sing solo yet!

  3. I think you're pretty awesome too, and if I ever get a free round trip around the world I have to make a stop in SA and maybe drop off a few trees.

    The sad/funny thing is they did read what happened to me at the wedding and his sister is so full of herself she went off on me because I talked about how I got yelled at.

    The worst part, she's the worst gossip hen out of all of them. She'd talk down anyone who didn't meet up to her standards. But the biggest hypocrites can never see it in themselves.


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