09 November, 2009

Last night...

...I dreamed that I was pregnant and both Mr RS and I were totally excited about it.

However, I'm not reading too much into it, since I also dreamed that I was held hostage by a group of people and made to live on the upper level of a double decker bus, where they ran episodes of I Love Lucy in a loop.

I just wish that at some point we could decide if we even want children. Because at this point, I haven't a freakin clue. I really thought that after being married for some time I would just KNOW what I wanted. But I don't.

My problem is I can only see the downside of having children. I can't see the upside, because I think you need to have your own in order to experience said upside. My Dad says, "children bring you so much joy." Yeah, and I remember him yelling at us for hours while we stood there sobbing. Not so much joy in that, for either party. And I have my Dad's temper. Oh dear.

Last night at rehearsal some of the backstage crew had to leave early because they had an exam to write the next day. I turned to one of my cast members and said, "This is why I'm never studying anything ever again. I can't stomach exams, tests, speeches, projects..."

Her answer? "Don't have children, then. You'll be doing homework and projects for the next twenty years."


Not to mention I feel like I'm way too selfish. Sorry, I kind of enjoy sleeping for 10 hours uninterrupted, thanks. So if you wouldn't mind shutting up, tiny baby, and letting me sleep, I'd be forever grateful. If only that would work!

Anyway, we're nowhere near having enough money for a child, so our problem is temporarily solved for us.

I feel like there's a ton more I could write about this, but I need to go make dinner. Which is mission enough just for two of us. Did I ever mention I'm lazy about housework? Um, yeah.

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  1. Heee I can comment again! (Sorry, I'm rather excited because I haven't been able to comment here for *ages*, my old computer couldn't handle the embedded comment form.)

    I think as long as you're not sure, you don't want to. One day you might experience a deep ache in your heart. Unless or until that happens, you'll most likely be happier just the two of you.


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