12 November, 2009

That Guy Thursday #5

Today's That Guy:

Now don't tell me you've never seen this guy. Maybe as a therapist? A writer? That quiet guy with a bit of a nervous tick or stammer? Yeah, that guy.

His name is Bob Balaban.

(I just totally went, "His name was Robert Paulsen" there) :-)

You've seen him in License to Wed, Capote, No Reservations, Lady in the Water, all those Christopher Guest movies such as For Your Consideration and A Mighty Wind, The Tuxedo,  Gosford Park, Ghost World,  and the Mexican. He hasn't guest-starred in as much tv as some of my previous That Guys, but he has been on The West Wing and (if you're a Friends nutter like me), he was Phoebe's father in the one where she meets him at her Gran's funeral. Yes, That Guy!

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