15 February, 2009

Down the Yellow Brick Road Part XIII: Boys & Girls

After the family shots, it was onto the bridal party portraits! Here are some of my favourites. I can't really give a running commentary here, since we were just posing most of the time. "Oh look, here we are on a fence. And here we are in a field. And here we are walking down a path." Yeah...um.

Yes, Mr Ruby Slippers IS sticking out his tongue at me:

As always, I did some photoshop on these to get different effects of softness and sharpness and brightness. I'm learning, but it's fun!

I faked the darkness of the flowers here...I had to, they were the focal point, and PINK! This looks much more as I intended:

We took a quick moment to run through our dance. Goodness knows what Best Man RS is doing!
Or why Sister RS looks so hacked off:

I love this one:

And my absolute favourite (of course!):

Who doesn't love a good jumping shot?


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  1. Wow you guys really jumped, looks awesome! I also love the first parasol shot and then the one you love too. The flowers look great, you seem to be doing great on photoshop! Yay, fab pics!

  2. I've always loved good jumps shots. You looked like you got so high off the ground (in a dress...I'm impressed!)

    Love the picture of you and Mr. RS kissing with the wedding party causally hanging out in the background. So sweet.

  3. I I REALLY jumped! Even the photographer said, "Wow, the brides don't usually jump!" I was like, "I'm going to jump! I'm not letting these guys jump all around me and stand there looking silly!".
    I love BFF Ruby Slippers' pose in that pic too - so cute!

    Thanks guys!

  4. I am so in love with the shots of your red slippers peeking out. I am just going to have to get myself some purple shoes to peek out from under my dress!

    The jumping shot is so very cute! I so would have jumped too.

  5. Brunhilda - yes, get awesome purple shoes! They'll look so cute! I'm just amazed at myself that I got the red shoes before I realised coloured shoes were such a trend! A fashionista? Me??


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