25 February, 2009

Down the Yellow Brick Road Part XIV: Couple Shoot the first

And now onto the couple shoot!

First we walked up the driveway of The Moon & Sixpence...

And stopped to kiss under a jacaranda tree...

There was this cute little fountain so Tanja caught us kissing through it...

Then up to the gate at the top of the driveway. I loooove this gate. I want to take it home with me.

And from the other side. I heart these three so much:

Then we went to the wall outside the venue. You can see the road from it. Although not in the pictures.
Our shadows couldn't keep away from each other!

From there we crossed over a ditch and went "bundu bashing", as Tanja called it! I was so glad I was wearing flats, is all I can say.

So glad I got those parasols, is another thing I can say! :P

I was trying out different photoshop colours here...

Obligatory under the veil stuff! Love it!

This is my favourite of all the images I photoshopped...I love how it turned out so glowing and golden:I still have to 'shop more...so more next time!

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  1. Love, love, love the fountain one, your shadows kissing, and that purple tree is gorgeous! What lovely photos.

  2. Your photographer was seriously fantastic! And, I'm glad you got the parasols too...even just for the picture you posted.
    Very impressed with your photo-shopping abilities!

  3. Oh Ruby I'm loooooving your pics! Every one! The gate and the parasol and the shadows and the fountain... And just stop it with the fricking gorgeous veil okay, I'm officially sorry I didn't have one!!!!! x

  4. Thanks, guys. I keep still being jealous of other photos, so I'm glad you like them!

    redframe - nope, the veil is the one awesome thing I had, and I'm sticking to it! :-)

  5. What gorgeous pictures! I love the one where they are facing the gate. That is jus priceless.


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