23 February, 2009

Oscar fashions

So, the red carpet came and the stars gilttered, dazzled and surprised. As in, surprised me with how bad their taste was in some cases. And what was with all the funny bows and pointy, "architectural" bits on many of the dresses?

The main colours of the night were red and white. And is it just me or did many of the white gowns look like wedding dresses? Maybe I'm still stuck in wedding mode.


Taraji P. Henson - So beautiful, elegant, classic. My favourite of the night.

Anne Hathaway- Always elegant and gorgeous. I love the vintage sparkliness on her gown.

Amy Adams - Just lovely. A redhead that can pull off red has my vote!

Penelope Cruz - Not 100% convinced by the bust part, but overall it's lovely.

Angelina Jolie - I was afraid after her Globes scariness, but she looked great. Love the bright green earrings paired with the simple black dress. And, of course, she had the best accessory on her arm - Brad!

Queen Latifah - Elegant satin, and just the right amount of "yes, I'm big and I'm here" without going over the top OR trying to hide under a sack.

Natalie Portman - Pretty in Pink. It's not my top favourite, but it's pretty and she looks good.

Viola Davis - Marilyn meets Grecian Goddess - she looks great!

Um, it has its moments:

Marisa Tomei - I love the overall shape and line, but the bodice looks like it was stitched together by a ten-year-old on the morning of her big party, and I'm just not a fan of pleats.

Kate Winslet - This should have worked better...I'm just not sure how.

Miley Cyrus - Leaving aside the obvious question of why she was even there, there's something I both like and dislike about this flower-petal creation.

Jessica Biel - Lose the big thing on the front, and you'll be statuesque and elegant.

Melissa George - I like mermaid, but there's something off about this one. The bodice looks like a giant white stocking, maybe.

Freida Pinto - gorgeous colour, nice dress, but lose the one long sleeve.

Evan Rachel Wood - Not a bad dress, but too blaaaah a colour for her.

Tilda Swinton - Oh dear. Someone get the woman a stylist! I have never, ever seen her look good.

Sarah Jessica Parker - She just never looks good to me. I don't care if Carrie's a fashion icon; when SJP goes to Award shows I never like what she's wearing.

Amanda Seyfried - That bow. It hurts my eyes. And I hate the fabric; it looks...plastic.

Mickey Rourke - I'm not leaving out the men here. That greasy hair and tacky suit...ugh. He always looks so sleazy.

Melissa Leo - Ugh, seriously? She's probably never going to get to the Oscars again and she wears this circa 1980 prom dress in diarrhoea-brown?? And how bad is her hair?

Heidi Klum - Clearly she and Amanda Seyfried both went shopping for ugly red fabric together, but decided on different bits to stick on.

Vanessa Hudgens - What is WITH these people sticking stuff on their dresses???

Phillip Seymour Hoffman - A beanie?? To the Oscars? Come on.

Marion Cotillard - She looked so stunning last year, now she's in a frothy sparkly mess. Sigh.

It's odd, because I'm so far removed from a fashionista it's not even funny, but boy do I love to rip apart other people's fashion choices :-) What were all of your favourites?


  1. I'm with you on Amy Adams and Penelope Cruz. They looked great, as always. I'd have put Kate Winslet in the best dressed category too, though. She pulled that dress off.
    As a matter of principle, I'm putting Miley Cyrus in the worst dressed because, as you said...why was she even there??

  2. So far I'm liking Anne Hathaway the best. I think she's such a pretty girl regardless. But I didn't watch, so I'm just going with what you have posted. I know the blogsphere would be awash with the highs and lows today.

    I'm with you on Miley. I'm like . . . huh . . . it's kind of pretty . . . then I'm like No! It's gross. Maybe on someone else?

  3. This was a fun read! I love your commentary and agree all the way!


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