20 February, 2009

I'm still here...

Apologies for the lack of wedding recaps! I still need to edit a number of the photos I need for my next post, and also I've been watching up a storm of Oscar-nominated movies in preparation for the ceremony on Sunday night. Well, early Monday morning here! Mr RS and I always get together with BFF Slippers to watch it at 3am. Yes, I am taking the next day off work! People think we're crazy but I LOVE it!

I'll try do a wedding post soon..I promise.


  1. I considered watching the live broadcast but as we don't have DSTV I'd have to be on someone else's couch at 3am. I love that you always watch and take off work, that's so committed! I'm going to watch the rerun Monday night at the in-laws, I'm excited too! First there's fashion and then there's fascinating people and high emotion. Great night's entertainment.

  2. Have fun!! (I really love your commitment to Hollywood!)


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