14 May, 2009


Do any other bloggers use adsense to make money on their blog? Is it a good option, or do the ads everywhere just annoy people? Also, I'm hesitant about giving out my personal details and/or banking details to "some company on the internet". What do you guys think?


  1. I just happened to find your blog the other day (linked through Cakewrecks) and, in my opinion, I find ads intrusive. In fact, if you ad-ify your site, I would only view it through a reader.

    That, my friend, would be tragic - your site is beautiful (as are your photos).

  2. I also started following your blog after finding you through cakewrecks (and I'm just completely in awe of your quitting your job and pursuing your dreams) and I agree with anonymous, Adsense tends to look really ugly. I think when blogs have ads from specific companies that can look good, and when it's related to the subject of the blog (i.e. craft site ads on scrapbooking blogs) I actually look at the ads and sometimes click them, so that's a much better alternative than Adsense.

  3. Thanks guys! That's settled - no adsense for me :-)

    I'm really overwhelmed by all the sweet compliments I'm getting!

    Megan: It's scary :-)

  4. I tried adsense for a while and frankly you get very little out of it.

    I think I accumulated like $1 before I gave up on it about 4 months in and they don't pay you til you hit $100.


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