01 May, 2009

Facebook funny...well, i think it is.

Now you guys know I was - and am - distraught about the death of Bea Arthur. I even watched Mame the other day as a tribute (she's the best thing in it). But I still found this pretty funny.

I am (was) friends with Ms Arthur on Facebook. At least, it might have been her. I had a constant argument with a friend of mine, who insisted that it was the real Bea Arthur, and that he "could just tell" when Facebook celebrity profiles are fake or not. Um, ok. So I added the possible-Bea to my friend requests, and around two months later I was accepted. Apparently this was proof that my friend was correct, "because", he said, "no 86 year old woman is going to be on Facebook everyday." I still don't know. However, the fact remains that I was accepted as possible-Bea Arthur's friend, around ten days before she died. Wow, that's sad.

What happens to one's Facebook profile when one dies? If no one else knows your password, I assume it just sits there forever (unless the FB bigwigs have a time limit and delete inactive profiles accordingly). So I went over to Bea Arthur's profile to see if anything was happening there. And this is what I saw:

I hope you can see it (if not, try clicking on the image to see if it comes larger) but the first comment is, "I am sorry you're dead :-(".

Maybe this is the dark humour in me, but I found that absolutely hysterical. I nearly cried with laughter. All the other comments were "RIP, you will be sadly missed" and so on, but "I'm sorry you're dead" just slayed me! Mwahaha. It's so....bizarre to write that on someone's FB page! Someone tell me it's not just me. Please.


  1. That's definitely odd and funny! I hope someone writes that on MY facebook page when I die. lol

  2. That is kind of funny. Is it bad that I also thought that the fact that her relationship status was "It's complicated" was also funny?

  3. Nope, Jess - I also thought that was funny! It's so high school, not 86-year-old!

  4. http://thisisindexed.com/2009/05/thank-you-for-being-a-friend/

  5. I just found you, via your cake on Cake Wrecks, and enjoyed your wedding very much.

    I was looking through an old box of family photos recently, and ran across one of some distant relatives, a couple kin to an aunt, who had written beneath the two primly posing, obviously living figures in the 1890's clothes:

    Jeannie Mattson.
    Mr. Luther Mattson is dead.

    Cracks me up every time I think of it.


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