07 May, 2009

Random photo I took and liked

This could be the beginning of another Photo of the Day Series, but this time MINE. We'll see. I don't know if I take enough photos for that :P

So the other night this moth came and landed on the books on my bedside table. He picked a great one because the metallic red cover reflected onto him beautifully. I leaned over and picked up my camera out of its bag by my bed, and got this:



  1. I love that. It's got an almost fantasy feel like the moth could lead to a magical land if you just follow it.

  2. STUNNING. Absolutely beautiful! Seriously, I gasped. What was the processing like? Did you add in the golden tones? I'm in love.

  3. Wow, thanks, guys! I knew I liked it, but I feel so great now! Aww.

    Jenna: I did practically nothing. I used Pioneer Woman's Boost action to up the contrast and pop the colour, and I sharpened the moth. That's it! The golden light was caused by my bedside lamp, but it reflected so beautifully off the red book onto the moth! I got one after this where he moved to my cellphone, which you can just see the edge of on the left of the pic, and he wasn't nearly as golden.

  4. Absolutely stunning. That moth really knows it's books. Bahahaha~

  5. I love that you had your camera near you while you slept. I slept with mine the first night I got it :)

    I've been peeking at your blog and thoroughly enjoying it ever since I saw your wreck of a cake.

    Fabulous picture!


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