11 May, 2009

Thunderclouds, any clouds

We have been having some bizarrely stormy weather lately. It doesn't usually rain at this time of year. That also means we've been having some amazing cloud cover, and - occasionally - spectacular sunsets. Here are some cloud pics I took over the last week.

Note: I didn't change the colour on any of these, except one where I added a smidge of a pink filter. I've boosted and upped contrast and all that sneaky stuff, of course, but the colours are really that gorgeous in real life. I was in cloud heaven.

This is from my bedroom window. See that white dot in the low cloud above the tree? That's the moon. Seriously. I took this at about 5:40pm.

It got darker right before my eyes. Before I knew it, the pink was all gone.

This was a different day, different sunset. The gold on this cloud made me want to marry it.

This one looks really fake, right? It's not. A storm blew up over a bright blue sky, and before you could say "faked in photoshop" there was this massive black swirling mass of evil over a powder-blue, My Little Pony sky. I swear, this cloud could BE a My Little Pony bad guy, come to ruin their Pony fun and rainbow happiness.

On another day, Mr Ruby Slippers and I jumped in the car and drove down to a nearby school, where we took pictures from their playing field. Unfortunately we missed the actual sunset (this was PINK when we got in the car five minutes before!) But I think it's gorgeous like this too:

This is the one I added the pink cast to. It just made it less blue-grey and more sunsetty. You can barely see the pink, right? That's cos it was so overpoweringly blue before.

This is right before we left the house to take the two above. See? It was pink!

And purple and grey and white and lilac and mauve and GORGEOUS. Swoon. I want to marry this one too.

It must be so sad not to appreciate the beauty in nature.


  1. Those are gorgeous!! I never see clouds like that around here. :( Send some my way! :D

  2. Ok, if you send me your Europe trip!

  3. The photos are so beautiful! You are so lucky to be able to see that every day out of your window!

  4. Thanks, Yelena! Though it's not every day (unfortunately!) - just a few lucky days here and there. :-)

  5. Just found your blog via Cake Wrecks (too funny, by the way...)

    Love your photography!

  6. loving your blog! Your pictures are just beautiful

  7. I love it when the sky turns such a beautiful colour - it always seem to be there for but a second and makes you think whether it was that colour at all!


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