02 September, 2009

The workshop...

...kicked ASS. It was fab, it was brilliant, it was everything I hoped! I got some great pics (go see my photo blog if you haven't already!) and Christine was a really great "teacher", for want of a better word, even though it really wasn't a teacher-student dynamic. Christine said she wanted the workshop to feel like a group of friends discussing stuff around a dinner table, and it did (and the stuff we ATE around the dinner table was fantastic too). :-)

For those of you who care, my flight was delayed by over an hour, but luckily I'd set aside enough time so I was still there nice and early, although I did have to forgo the nap I'd wanted (I don't DO getting up early). The best husband in the world ( Mine. Suck it!) dropped me off and fetched me on Sunday evening, so I didn't have to face the long airport drive. And my GPS came though and told me where to go properly, there was no hassle picking up my car (even though it was a VW Golf, which are impossible to drive. And I've driven a BEETLE, so I know what I'm talkin 'bout!).

So all in all, a fab weekend. I feel really fired up about my business now. First up, a better blog; second, fab business cards! Oh yes. Hopefully fab weddings will follow. :-)

And because a post is not a post without a picture, here's a favourite from the workshop e-shoot:

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