15 September, 2009

Anniversary Help!

I need your help, readers. My first anniversary is coming up next month (can you believe it? Because I can't) and I should obviously get Mr Ruby Slippers something fab. My problem is I'm, well, somewhat strapped for cash, what with starting a new business this year. And we're not big gift givers in our little family - I mean, we always give gifts, but we don't spend big money on them. This is a very special occasion and I thought I had a great idea, but I didn't realise how much it would cost. No way can I afford it now! My second great idea was getting boudoir photos done, but I disregarded that as too expensive too, especially if you get them bound in a beautiful album. Plus...um...I'm a little pudgy round the middle. Yes, I know my husband knows that, but still. On the other hand, I'll probably never look this good again, so now might be the time! :P

Mr RS is a little hard to buy presents for (I'm already flipping out about Christmas and his birthday, because there are no more dvds or books he wants, and that's all I usually GET for him!), so I really need some help here! The first idea I had was these custom illustrations from etsy, done in an anime style. Well, anime-lite, I would say. Mr RS likes anime shows, along with sci-fi of the Buffy/Dollhouse type (he doesn't do things like Battlestar Galactica or Farscape or Star Trek), so I thought a picture of us would be perfect! But I underestimated the cost. Boo.

Any suggestions? I feel like I'm much easier to get gifts for, because I have things that I regularly gush and swoon over (you know, Judy Garland, Broadway, Wicked, heck, even chocolate). But Mr RS isn't given to passions about anything. He'll enjoy stuff, but he won't go crazy like I do. So...I'm totally screwed. HELP.


  1. Ack, my one-year anniversary with my boyfriend (not marriage, but still) is coming up and I don't know what to get him either!

    From your wedding posts and your photography, you seem crafty and creative. Maybe you could make him something yourself? Handmade presents are personal and supplies are often inexpensive. As for a specific suggestion, that would depend on what you are good at and what he would appreciate. I like to make 12x12 scrapbook pages, frame them in display cases, and give them to friends/family as birthday or holiday gifts. Something you could personalize with your names and/or one year anniversary would be nice. Or maybe you could give your bedroom a romantic makeover (vases on the wall with fresh flowers, fancy sheets, candles, art) - I suppose that could get expensive but even a few small changes could make an impression. I'm sure you will think of something great! Let us know what you come up with! :)

  2. How about burning a CD of some of his favorite songs or maybe even songs that remind you of him or you could even do the theme songs to some of his favorite sci-fi/anime shows. It's cheap and easy to do. I know it's old school, but everything from the 80's is back in anyway right?! I burned a cd of songs that reminded me of my boyfriend and the various feeling I had for/about him. Like Billie Holiday's 'The Man I love' for before we started dating, 'Is this love?' by Bob Marley for when we first started dating and then so forth. I think he was really suprised and touched because I had never told him that most of the songs reminded me of him. Or how about taking free clips online from his favorite anime shows into a cute and funny anniversary video. I'm sure you'll find something.. it'll just come to you and it will be great!

  3. 1st anniversaries are paper (you know, like 50th's are gold?), so maybe something crafty is the way to go?

    Maybe go with the mix CD suggestion & write him a beautiful letter telling him all about how much (and why) you love him?

    Guess it just depends how soppy he is!!

  4. OH my gosh, mine is next month too then!! AHHH!

    Truthfully, we're strapped for cash too and we haven't even mentioned gifts. I think we're going to cook a fabulous dinner here at home. Maybe you could make a big deal out of getting dressed up pretty, cook him his favourite meal (or something he likes that takes a lot of effort, that you wouldn't normally cook) and play Joan Cleaver for a night? hehe

  5. Like Liz said, first anniversaries are 'paper,' for our first anniversary I surprised my husband with (paper) tickets to a local production. It wasn't too expensive and we made a nice evening of dinner and the show.

    Congrats on your first year of marriage! :)

  6. Were I in your shoes, I would take a photo of something meaningful to him. Something that has strong ties to his favorite hobby. Print it, frame it and voila!


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