15 September, 2009

Twitter makes me lazy

Too lazy to blog, that is. It's so simple and fast to tweet an idea that, really, you could have expanded upon and made a really good blog post about. Or at least a little blog post that isn't too boring. And then you kind of feel like you've said it already, so what's the point. Then before you know it, you haven't blogged for a month.

So I'm going to try and expound on some of my twitter thoughts, and see how that goes. Because I tweet a LOT. Lots of them are replies to people and retweets, but still. It's a lot.

I'm Facebook friends with this girl I was in a show with 3 years ago. She keeps sending me random chat requests with enticing messages like, "I'm going to tennis later and I don't feel like it, LOL" or "I'm so sleepy today. LOL" or "I'm taking drama class next year, LOL". I'm just not sure why she feels the need to tell me these things. She's still in high school, and I'm 30. This wouldn't bother me (I've got a bunch of fab high school gals I follow on twitter, cos they're AWESOME), but she and I have nothing in common. We were in a show 3 years ago. That's it. We don't need to chat. I barely know her.

And what's with "LOL" lately? It's gone from meaning "Laugh Out Loud" to, "I have nothing to say here." Mr Ruby Slippers and I have started using it ironically now; it's the only way.

I'm obsessed with Broadway and musical theatre. Oh, right, you knew that. I desperately want to get to Ravinia next summer (USA summer, not mine) for the Sondheim 80th birthday celebration. And apparently Patti LuPone is playing Annie Oakley there! Aaargh. You Yanks have all the awesome stuff. So now I need to make money to go to America next year. It'd be perfect timing because it's winter and therefore non-wedding season here. Anyone want to hire my Photographer Alter Ego for a shoot in the US? *HINT* :-)

I'm tired. I'm always tired! Oh wait, that's not news, either.

Goodnight, then. I'm going to try this twitter-blog thing every day now!

And because I love pictures, here's a photo I took of some birds outside my window. I took it through the glass, which is why it's not 100% sharp (and if you saw how dusty my windows are, you'd know it's a miracle you can see them at all! :-))

PS - if you want to follow me on twitter, you can find me at http://twitter.com/KatForsyth .


  1. hey, you can come photograph us! :) We're in Virginia, and I'm guessing your show is in New York? That's not too far from us!

    Of course I have no money to give you. But you just wanted the excuse, right? ;)

  2. I can happily say I have never used that dreaded LOL a day in my life.

    If I find something funny it either gets a ha ha ha or a snicker he he he. I feel they are an important difference to make.

    But for some reason LOL just cuts my soul to the quick and out of all the IM speak it's the biggest one I can't stand.

  3. Um, Sarah - No, I actually want the MONEY! :-)

    One of my friends writes "snorfle" and "snicker" a lot. I usually write "Mwahahaha". Don't ask me why. But as I say, I try only to use "LOL" ironically now.

    The IM/sms speak thing I can't stand is writing "dat" and "dis" instead of "that" and "this". KILLS me. Urgh, shudder. And it's weird because I can speak Afrikaans where "dat" and "dis" actually DO mean that and this, so I should be more used to it...But it should never cross over!


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