04 September, 2009

I ♥ Faces Fix-it Friday

It just keeps rollin' around every week!

You might have noticed that I love making photos of children black and white. And this week is no exception.


Now the problem with this photo is it's a little too dark, but lightening it brings up all the noise in the underexposed areas. Which makes it PERFECT for black & white, because it never shows up as badly then. Good thing I wanted to do b & w anyway.

I lightened just a little. Then I ran TRA's Bitchin' B & W, then ran Oh Snap! over that. I added Antique tone at around 30%. Then I used pro retouch to soften his face and brighten his eyes. Et voila!

Oh I also cropped the tiniest bit, but you can see that.

No go to I ♥ Faces and see what everyone else did.


  1. Nice... I like how you got his eyes to pop... I was unable to do that..

  2. I love reading all the names of the various photoshop techniques. Someone should make a long list of ones to recreate the most hilarious sentence ever.

  3. I like your edit quite a lot, you brightened up his face but not overly so, and the slight contrast bump is just enough to really pop this image.

  4. It's the Totally Rad Actions that have such fun names. My favourite names are Super Fun Happy, Pross-Crocessed, Grandma's Tap Shoes and Magic Glasses. There's also a Not-so-magic glasses! :-)

    Thanks guys!

  5. i love the black and white. it's really neat.

  6. you did a really good job with your edit!

    my edits are posted too, feel free to come on over and visit anytime :O).


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