18 September, 2008


Ok, this blogging thing would seriously be easier if I had a camera that works. Our one has gone nuts - you put batteries in, take five photos, and then they're dead. Needless to say, we don't keep buying batteries every five photos...so right now there are none. So I can't show you my favours...which aren't complete anyway, though they really should be! So maybe it's just as well.

I realised that I never really posted about the flowers I finally chose for the bouqets and centrepieces. To be honest, they're ever-so-slightly up in the air until the Day Of, because I told the florist just to get what's available in the right colour for the centrepieces, in order of preference: Lilies, tulips, peonies......and waaaay last, roses. Reason is, my friend Henni (her brother) is paying for my flowers, and I don't want to overload him and make him pay for more expensive lilues, say, when peonies will do just fine. Or whatever. As long as the look and feel is there, I don't mind! This is the look I finally chose:

Except that I felt it was just a little too much going on for one table, not to mention a few too many vases and flowers expense-wise, so I trimmed it down to this bit:
Except you need to ignore the green mums in the left corner. What I decided for the second vase, which in this pic has what looks like twisty twigs in it, is to fill it with a couple of white flowers submerged in the water. That way I satiate my desire for submerged blooms (oh, how I love them!) without going overboard like THIS pic would entail:

It's nuts. But gorgeous nuts!

I think one vase of red flowers and another with some submerged flowers inside and a floating candle on top is plenty, right? There will be candles scattered around them and I'm getting a round mirror-base to reflect some pretty, romantic glow into the room, so I think that's plenty per table. And in the end, it doesn't matter if it's lilies or tulips or whatever.

My bouquet, however, is another story. I know dang well what I want, and it WILL be that. The end. Except I can't find the perfect picture! But it will be these lilies:

But in a style more like THIS bouquet (only without the greenery):

So I think it'll be pretty...interesting (and let's just hope not disappointing) to see what she comes up with there. I know that the deep red ones aren't as big as the purple ones, so they might not work in that style...I'll just have to trust her florist judgement! The black satin ribbon I'm using for everything will be around the stems with little diamante pins. Mmm.

The two bridesmaids' bouquets will be like these:
With the same black ribbon. Nothing startling or difficult there, hopefully.

And, finally, the men's buttonholes will be white lilies for the groomsmen and Dads, like this:

And Mr Slippers' will be a red lily to match my bouquet, something like this without the extraneous white flower:

I've met with Jenny (the florist) twice, and she SEEMS to be on top of things. I just hope it all looks as pretty in real life as it does in my head!


  1. thanks for letting me know about the rss feed. I checked it out and it seems to be working with my google rss reader. Does it tell you anything? Are you clicking on the RSS link at the bottom of my blog or are you typing into the "subscribe" box?? I appreciate your feedback :-)

  2. Pretty Pretty Flowers! We are doing the submerged white callas too, but we ARE including the green mums in seperate vases...We went with a black and white theme, with green and white flowers, so...
    I can't wait to see your pictures, you have so many great ideas! : )

  3. I have about half the photos in this post in my inspiration folder! I doubt I'll post about flowers again until after the wedding because I'm so bad at describing what I want, but you'll see one day it's a very similar look!

  4. @Travel Bug - Black, white and green looks sooo pretty! I only discovered it after I'd chosen black white and red, but I love them both!

    @thatdisneygirl - I know, they're stunning, but so impractical and expensive for centrepieces!

    @Gulity Secret - I don't think I was reading your blog yet whenever you posted about your flowers before. What are your colours?


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