02 September, 2008

Mini-update on the planning thing

I feel so much better after our meeting at our venue on Sunday! And I wasn't feeling particularly bad before, as you know. But they are just so helpful and organised there. This nice lady called Handri had all our info in a file, and a whole stack of questions for us to fill in. Well, she asked, we answered, she filled in. :-)

She asked lots of things, from stuff I'd thought of, like seating chart plans and table runners (waaaay ahead of you there, Handri!) to stuff I hadn't considered, like whether any disabled guests needed lifts down to the chapel (how sweet of them) and if we wanted sandwiches delivered to my getting-ready room on the morning (it's free, so damn straight!).

We also chatted about the timetable - having never done this before I had no clue how long it takes to do things like the cake cutting, or how long ceremonies usually are, on average, how much time to allocate for the speeches, even WHERE the speeches are supposed to go - between starters and mains? Before starters? Nooo idea - and she happily shifted things up when we told her we needed to be outside to get photos at sunset, and not eating! Sunset photos at our venue result in THIS:

Photo by Tanja Vogt (OUR photographer!)
And from Andrea Carlyle's blog (the second shooter at this wedding)

Yes, so that's why I am In Love with sunset photos, and want to marry them and have their children. Only I've already promised to marry Mr Ruby Slippers, and he's so cute. Decisions...

Anyway, the only annoying thing is that there is now a function on at the venue the night before our wedding, so we can't go in and set up like we'd hoped. Bugger. I really needed that time, because now this basically means that everyone else is going to set up while I'm getting my hair done on The Morning Of, and when I arrive they'll probably have messed it up somehow and I'll have to fix it and screw up my hair. Which doesn't hold a style at the best of times. Aaargh. Also, we'd hoped to do a vague run-through/rehearsal thing that night, and now we can't do that either. We'll have to arrange one at our house before the time.

Stupid people getting married on a Thursday.

But aside from that, I'm very pleased with how things are going. Everything's right on track! Yay! Because I'm getting married NEXT MONTH!


  1. Is there any way we can BOTH be married to the sunset photos?

  2. I don't believe the sunset photos have anything against polygamy. They're pretty slutty. So as long as That Groom/Mr Avocado and Mr Ruby Slippers don't mind, we should be okay :-)


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