08 September, 2008

Nine months later I'm still in love with it...

After reading blogger Guilty Secret's post yesterday about her wedding bands, I realised I hadn't ever blogged about Mr Ruby Slippers' and my rings!

First things first: I LOVE my e-ring. It's 100%, totally, absolutely, utterly the most beautiful piece of jewellery I've ever owned (and probably ever will own).

Second things second: I hardly ever wear it.

I know, I know. But it makes sense. I work in a job where my hands get so dirty I have to wash them between eight and fifteen times a day (I counted). My beautiful ring is a fragile flower which may not be worn while washing hands (or swimming, bathing, doing dishes, etc). And clumsy old me taking off my ring an average of eleven and a half times a day? I would drop it at least once. And in my overstocked, crowded, grubby place of work I would never find it again. So it stays home, nestled safe in its little red box. And it comes out like my wristwatch - only when I'm going out, and gets taken off when I get home. It's quite sad, really - I'm so afraid of injuring it (I bump my hands - and the rest of me - on stuff all the time) that I'm too afraid to wear it. But if you saw the bruises on my legs you'd know how clumsy I am. And it's too beautiful to take a chance with.

Here it is in all its yummy tanzanite surrounded by six tiny diamonds set in white gold glory:

Aha! Proof of my clumsiness! Look at the graze on my knuckle! (And notice how I snuck in a damask background! I'm that good.)

I decided my wedding band needed to be fairly plain, so I got a white gold band to match the e-ring band:

And by itself (look, more hand damage! Do you believe me now? My photographer is going to have to photoshop all grazes and kitty scratches out of my close-up hand photos.)

Now THAT baby is never coming off. I actually can't wait to wear a ring all the time!

Onto Mr Ruby Slippers, who started out knowing he liked a silver colour instead of gold, but that was about it. Our first ring shopping experience was not fun, because Mr RS' idea of shopping is to run in, get what you want, and leave, and um, you can't do that with the most important piece of jewellery you'll ever buy! Especially if you don't know what you want to begin with. So he got pretty agitated very fast, and I got tearful and frustrated. Why didn't he want to pick a ring? Dammit!

In the end, it turned out that all he needed was to see an example of something he liked so he could zero in on it. That something was tungsten. Not even titanium, oh deary no. It had to be tungsten or nothing. And more than three quarters of the stores we went into didn't stock it. Eventually we found one that did, and after much messing us around, ordering, promising it would be here by x date, lying about that when it didn't arrive, Mr Slippers finally got his ring:

I love it too! It has a simple line engraving without being too kitsch or sk8er boi-like (like those ones with tribal tattoos on them), and it matches well with mine without being identical. Mr Rs loves the idea that it's lightweight but indestructible. And in exactly FIFTY-THREE days we will be wearing them forever. Mmmm.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you posted about them! And thanks for the link love :)

    Your engagement ring is gorgeous. I love this trend for blue stones and am a little bit jealous! Hmmm, perhaps I'll have a blue stone for my right hand one day...

    I noticed in that photo you put your engagement ring on first... do you intend on wearing hem that way? Just because I always loved the idea that your wedding ring goes closest to your heart and you never take it off, so the engagement ring goes on the outside.

    Mr Slippers' ring is cool too. I thought Baddie might like a groove down his but no, he was all plain, plan, plain. I love his ring too though ;)

  2. I'm not sure which way I'll wear them! I also love the idea that the w-ring goes closest to your heart; and also, since I'm never taking it off and will keep taking the e-ring on and off, it makes sense for the w-ring to go first. On the wedding day, though, that means I'll have to do the "wear e-ring on right hand and swap later" thing. Which I don't feel keen on.

    I luuurve my blue stone! Blue is my favourite colour (and funnily enough doesn't feature in my wedding at all!)

  3. Oh, I like that thing of putting the engagement ring on the right hand because it leaves the left hand absolutely clear for the moment of the ring exchange, so your mister gets to put it right up to your heart himself :)

    Aw, I'm getting all excited about the ceremony thinking about this!

  4. Wow! What a beautiful ring you have- I really like the different stone- it pops!

  5. @ Guilty Secret: Me too! I think our weddings are very close together too.

    @Polka dot bride: Thank you so much! I love that it's a bit different without being outlandish. Also, apparently tanzanite is going to run out in the next decade, and then no one will be able to have a ring like mine anymore! It just better not get stolen or something.


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