19 September, 2008

Photographer Friday

The lovely, talented Hollye Schumacher was sweet enough to give me some blog love earlier this week. Look how gorgeous her photos are! I must say, I love me some bright, natural light and flare, and she delivers!



  1. Awww thanks! It's nice to see some of your faves from the site and blog. I'm always curious as to what images draw different people. It helps me refine my style and edit more effectively. I really appreciate the post :-))

    Many thanks,

  2. Only a pleasure! I had to hold myself back...I had three times that many pics in my "favourites" folder!

    I see a trend in what I like - my photographer said to me the other day, "I see you love shooting upwards" - I hadn't even noticed! But she was so right. And I love the colour in most of your pics...I wish I knew more about it; I should take a photography course after the wedding!

  3. So pretty! I love the softness of them!


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