27 September, 2008

Eight things I learnt about my dress

I have my dress alteration appointment on the 4th of October, so a few days ago my mother brought my dress over from her house, where it has been safely residing away from prying Mr Ruby Slippers eyes and evil kitty-claws. I tried it on while she was here, ostensibly so she could help me choose a necklace, but mostly I just wanted to play with it! Then we packed it away in the spare-room cupboard. Tonight Mr RS went out roleplaying, and I couldn't resist sneaking it out and trying it on again (why this should feel sneaky, since it's MINE, I don't know, but it did).

What I learnt tonight about my dress:

1) I can totally get it on and off by myself! Go me!
2) I think, with careful holding, that I can go to the bathroom in it without needing embarrassed assistants.
3) Boy, do I need to suck my tummy in. Can I do that for eight-plus hours?
4) I have a teensy bit more armpit cleavage than I thought I did.
5) No matter how high I hoist my arms and jump up and down and stretch, my boobies do not pop out. This is excellent news, because it means I can go braless, which I wanted to do since all my strapless bras are uncomfortable as frick.
6) This dress is HOT. And by that I mean I was sweating after two minutes, not that I looked like a supermodel in it. Well, I might, but it's not for me to say :-)
7) If I was wearing heels I wouldn't need alterations done. As it is, I'm wearing ballet flats and paying for my dress to be made shorter, and hoping like heck that they don't balls up the embroidery round the bottom.
8) I can't decide if I would prefer the skirt to be less full than it is, or not, but since the netting that makes it poofy is sewn in, I don't really have a choice without destroying the dress to find out.
9) However full the skirt is, I still LOVE IT. Love, love, love it. There are times when I wish I were wearing a more 1940's screen goddess bias-cut gown and a birdcage veil, but this dress is too sweet and pretty to carry that look off. (Possibly why I'm doing the old Hollywood glamour thing for my e-shoot). Anyway, I absolutely love it and can't wait to wear it in THIRTY-FOUR days!

Oh man, you want to see pictures? I honestly can't decide if I want to post them now or wait for the photos of The Day! Part of me wants to make sure it, and I, look our best. On the other hand, if I was on Weddingbee I'd pretty much have to post it, not to mention that all the October Brides on Brides.com have already seen it! So....here goes:

If only someone had thought to fix the train in this pic...however, I like the photo because you can see the back of the dress in the mirror, and I like the way it falls in front at the angle I'm standing. See what I mean about the style? It's soft and pretty and somewhat Jane Austen-esque with the split-front overlay and train (which you can't see). And I love it, but it's so not old Hollywood! Ah well, we can't have it all.


  1. You don't really see split fronts anymore and now I realize what a shame it is. It's really beautiful and soft looking.

  2. I know!! I mean, um, thank you :-) I actually went on a mission to try find pictures of split-fronts, and barely found any. Oh well, more uniqueness for me!

  3. It's gorgeous! I *love* the split front!

  4. P.S. Our weddings are so close! And I'm going to see my dress on Friday! And I'm so excited that you still love your dress and hope I still love mine too!

    *and breathe...*

  5. I'm sure you will! I've seen the pictures, it's stunning!
    Thirty days today....

  6. It's a beautiful dress and I even like the fullness!! You're right, it's a princess gown but at the same time all soft and vintagey, well chosen girl! Can't wait to see the day of pics!


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