21 November, 2008

Honeymooners Part II: That hotel, that pool, that beach...

I'm feeling a bit better, if somewhat sore-throaty, so back to the honeymoon recap!

When we woke up on our first morning in Phuket, the first thing that hit me was the heat. Actually, the humidity. The Johannesburg climate I'm used to is dry: hot and dry in the summer (unless it's raining) and cold and dry in the winter (when it doesn't rain). I have to apply body lotion every day here, pretty much, or my skin feels all scratchy and horrible. Not so much in Phuket. It's like being hit in the face by a hot, wet oven every time you walk out the door. Thank goodness for aircon, is all I can say.

This is our room. We had one of their beachfront cottages:

Of course, I'd have preferred one of their high-in-the-trees variety...

... but apparently you need pots of money for that. Still, this did us just fine.

So remember the pool? The one that no photo can do justice to, because it snakes around the buildings, restaurants, under bridges and trees, just being pretty much the Best Pool Ever? Well, it's the best pool ever. Seriously, the only way to improve this baby would be to have a wave section. :-) And aesthetically, it's perfect. You can probably tell this by the fact that I have over forty photos of it. I think Mr Ruby Slippers must have got pretty darn tired of me clutching him and breathing, "Oooh, it's so pretty!" everytime we walked by it. Or swam in it. Or saw it in the distance. But it really was.

Breakfast was awesome, mostly because I love to eat and we got to eat on the edge of the pool! What's not to enjoy?

And while my "used-to-cereal-for-breakfast" stomach couldn't quite handle the thought of fried noodles and such heavy things so early in the morning, the hotel catered to a variety of appetites, so I was able to load up on fruit, cereal (they have proper Chocos there! Not like the crappy ones ours have become that cut the roof of your mouth open) and bacon (mmm, I love me some bacon). I especially enjoyed the fruit, because in amongst the pineapple and papaya there would sometimes be something interesting like DRAGONFRUIT. Oooh.

(It tastes like really tasteless kiwifruit, but I still ate it every damn day they had it, because it's called dragonfruit!)

The beauty of our hotel was that it had its own private beach. Not that it was much good for swimming, with all the rocks and spiky things in there, but it was beautiful for relaxing (not that we did any) and general reiterating of "Damn, this is gorgeous!" You just walk down through the cottages and there it is:

Could you just DIE for that water? But you see what I mean about the rocks and stuff.

Then we decided to have a swim in the pool, involving a few "OmigodweremarriedlookIhavearing" shots:

In an unexpected twist, Mr RS went for the post-wedding hair-chop and I didn't! (not yet, anyway)
And a creative shot of the Thai Buddha from inside the pool. After all that wedding photography I kept feeling like taking photos from odd angles!:

After this, it was time to get dressed and face the haggling street vendors in Patong (which looks pretty and serene across the bay...)

More to come!

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  1. That pool looked sooo relaxing! Hope you had a fabulous honeymoon :)


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