28 November, 2008

Photographer Friday

Haven't done this in a while! And since I'm recently married (28 days! Four weeks today!! OMG) and have some gorgeous photos on the way (hint, hint, Tanja), I thought it might be nice to showcase some of the awesome South African photographers out there for the next few weeks! First up is Mario Sales.


  1. Apparently South Africa has the most amazing skies ever.

  2. These are beautiful pictures!! What a talented photographer. The pictures of your wedding are beautiful too, just looked at them now. I'm looking forward to seeing the professionally done ones.
    And thanks for your comment at my blog, it was nice to read I am not alone!!

  3. wow, those pictures are so pretty! Truthfully, that coast line reminds me of the west coast of Canada, all rocky and rugged :)

  4. Jenna - he is pretty amazing at skies! Maybe he's the Ed Pingol of SA. :-)

    Jest - If you go back a bit you'll see a few of my pro teaser photos. Dyyyying for the rest! And no problem; I'll be back on your blog more often now I know you're there!

    Nala - Mario is based in Cape Town, and the Cape area is just so beautiful for that kind of shot! One day I must visit the west coast of Canada and see.


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