25 November, 2008

Photo teasers

I realised that I've barely posted any pictures from my wedding so far! I've sort of been waiting for the pro ones, but they could take aaages, and I do have a few more family and friend shots, some ok, some not great, but all good in the name of teasers!

My makeup. I LOVED it. Thanks, friendor Mel! And she was on hand all night with lipgloss for touchups:

My two beautiful girls - Best Friend Ruby Slippers & Sister Slippers:
My hairstylist, Megan, putting on my veil:

Us outside the chapel:
Our new families! Look how colour-coordinated we are!

The cake toppers! Awww:

I have glowing demon eyes which I haven't bothered to fix, but it's a good shot of us and my bouquet. See? More pink than red, honestly.
The head table:

The Judy Garland table, with an excessively oversized vase...it still looked pretty, but they were a bitch for my poor mom and in-laws to return to the florist:

A close-up of another table (Chaplin, this time):

My hanging table names:

My dress bustled, taken during the first dance:

And what is a wedding without Zorba the Greek? At this point I nearly fell over, since it came straight after Nellie the Elephant, The Timewarp, YMCA, 500 Miles and Cotton-eye Joe. That DJ knew he was onto a good thing and stuck with it! Best Friend RS ducked out of the group early on, but at least she got a photo! I'm on the other side of the group, but you can see me. I'm the one in the white dress :P


  1. All your decorations came out GORGEOUS! YAY! Your head table was super pretty!! And yes, I can see your point with the over sized vases. Why wouldn't she say something? You could have gotten bigger candles or somefin'. hehe :) But it all came out gorgeous in the end! :) Congrats!

  2. Thank you! When I get more pics I will write a whoooole thing about the table decor, flowers and how I feel about them, but they did look pretty in the end so that's something. I wasn't happy with the florist's communication with me at all, but what can you do when she's only charging you cost and no mark-up for actually DOING them? You can shut up and smile, that's what!


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