19 November, 2008

Why now??

I can't believe it! I just had a stupid wedding nightmare! Unbelievable. Aren't they supposed to STOP after you get married??

In this one I was at my reception, and we were lining up for the buffet dinner. The first thing was chicken with some sort of brown, liquidy sauce. I asked the server what it was, because I didn't remember ordering anything that looked like that.
"It's chicken."
"Yes, but what's the sauce?"
"Um, it comes with the chicken."
"Yes, but what the bloody hell IS it??" (I was very rude in this dream, probably because, in real life, I'm sick of dealing with idiots who don't know what they're doing.)
She calls a supervisor, who tells me it's ginger sauce. I throw my toys.
"But I don't EAT ginger! I can't stand ginger! Why are you serving this?"
"Um, it's on your menu, you ordered it."
"No I f******* well did not! Look at this! (I point at the next thing) I didn't order that either! You've made the wrong food!"
"No we haven't."
"Yes you f****** HAVE!"
Supervisor goes to check notes and comes back. "Um, it seems we have actually made the wrong meal..."
I burst into tears.

And wake up sweating. SERIOUSLY? Nineteen days after the wedding and I'm still having nightmares that the wedding is going to go wrong? There's something very wrong about that.

(By the way, on the day the food was fine and everyone said how great it was. I just wasn't able to eat much of it.)


  1. Thanks for the comment love! I'm not sure what's going on with these nightmares... perhaps we should both get a massage, sip a mojito and then take a nap in a hammock.

    Fingers crossed for no more nightmares!

  2. I'm with that! I could LIVE in a hammock for the next month!

  3. How weird! Maybe you're just still thinking about it tons? I realize that just because it's over doesn't mean it just evaporates from our lives. Once you get the last of your photos back maybe that'll give you more closure. ;)

  4. Well, that's up to Tanja! But you could be right.


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