01 November, 2008

Reader, I married him.

I am TIRED. I don't think I've ever been this tired in my life. The stress of, oh, the last ten months, and particularly the past week, culminated in a day of more stress and anxiety and general rushing around like a mad thing than I have ever experienced in my life. It was, however, a day of more joy, excitement, tears of happiness and FUN than I have ever known. Never in my life have I had so many people tell me how beautiful I look, how touching the ceremony was, how fabulous the decor is, and how clever the details and DIY stuff. I was - and am - completely overwhelmed by it all. Somewhere around 12:30pm we started running a bit late, so things after that ended up feeling a bit rushed (I'm sorry we didn't get more time for the couples portraits, but the venue was getting antsy about serving the starters. Still, I think we got a good hour. I don't know how people do it in 20 minutes!)

I'm sorry I can't blog about it all now, but after getting to bed after 1am, and then barely sleeping at all, I am ready to fall over again - despite the yummy nap I took for three hours this afternoon. Mmmm. And tomorrow morning we leave for Thailand! For this hotel:

Now if only it didn't take 12 hours, a 7 hour stopover and a further three hours to GET there, I'd be in heaven right now. But I loathe travelling. Oh well, if you want to go somewhere exotic I guess you have to travel far away from boring old here.

My fellow blogger Guilty Secret asked about my stupid storms (or, rather, wished me well on them!). The day started out spectacularly: bright blue, stinking hot, not a cloud in the sky. I took these from my bedroom and Spare Oom windows:

This was what that same view looked like the other day when I blogged about the stupid storms:

The clouds are stunning, but not when they're throwing rain at me.

But on the morning of The Day, so far, so good. Around 1pm, clouds blew up out of absolutely nowhere, we heard thunder, and suddenly it was pelting down. I didn't even freak out; I just went, "Oh, crap" resignedly, and continued with what I was doing. Everyone assured me it would blow over, and by golly it did. By 2pm the sun was back out again, there were a few scattered clouds, and that was it. It didn't even attempt to rain again the whole evening. Tanja, my photographer, assures me that she is the "Good Luck" photographer when it comes to rain, and I now have irrefutable evidence. Thanks, Tanja!

I should probably go now...I don't want to blog about the rest of the day without photographic assistance (it's always so much better with pictures!), and all I have are a couple of shots that got emailed to me, but here's a shot of my table decor being set up (there was still a big vase to come that isn't set up yet). Look how pretty my damask runners look! And you can see the little Oscars in every place.

And here is Mr RS under my dress getting my garter off:

Trying to get more photos out of people is like pulling teeth, so I guess I'll have to wait till we're back from Phuket! I'll see you all when I get back. But before I go, I have to wish Guilty Secret all the joy and love in the world for her wedding next week - Guilty, your blogs are a pleasure to read, and you have such a great style that I'll read you writing about any subject! Have a wonderful day, and I can't wait to see all your blurred-out-face photos! :-)

Oh, one last thing - the entire reason for my blog's name - my RUBY SLIPPERS, on my wedding day! Everybody loved them!


  1. yay!! I'm so happy your day went well!! I totally know what you mean about the pulling teeth to get photos! UGH!! I called and nagged my brother about an hour after he was awake the day after he got home and said "have you uploaded your photos yet? will you upload? I'll walk you through it if you'll upload them right now!" LOL Then, 5 days later (UGH AGAIN!), i got Chris's sister's pics... all 12 of them. Now I have to wait until NEXT WEEK before I get more! Noooo!!

  2. Congratulations again!

    Those two photos showing the change in weather are amazing. I'm very happy for you that it turned out so well.

    Your place settings and damask runners looked amazing. And I love your ruby slippers!

    Thank you for your well wishes. Have a fantastic time in Thailand!

  3. Congratulations Ruby! That hotel looks unbelievable, have the best time ever and I'm sure you'll get some pics out of people once you're back. Enjoy the rest and relaxation, being so tired you might just sleep through all those flight hours! Enjoy!!!

  4. Thanks guys! I'm back now, with a few pics plus some pro teasers, so as soon as I can focus I'll get a post up!

    Oh and redframe - the hotel WAS unbelievable! It looks exactly like that. I must have 50 photos just of the pool!

  5. Okay, you have two literary references here. Not only are you a major Judy Garland fan like me, but you read The Narnian Chronicles (Spare Oom from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe) but you entitled "Reader, I married him" which is from the last chapter of Jane Eyre, a FAVORITE BOOK of mine since grade school!

    You rock! And so do your Ruby Slippers!!

    Sue KuKu

  6. Sue - You're my new best friend. I don't know if ANYBODY got the Jane Eyre reference. It's not a major favourite of mine, though I do like it, of course, but it's such a perfect quote!

    Judy Garland is perfection and the Spare Oom is just one of the funniest things in that book!


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