05 January, 2009

Down the Yellow Brick Road Part IV: Prettifying.

Part I: The Night Before
Part II: Salon, Supermarket & Judy Garland
Part III: Setting Up

I left the Ruby Slippers parents and bridesmaids in the chapel, scattering petals and setting up candles, and I rushed back to the honeymoon suite where Mel (aka the Ruby Slippers landlady) was waiting to do my makeup. Mel is a costumer and makeup artist by profession, and she offered way back when to do my wedding day makeup, as well as that of my bridesmaids, as her wedding gift to us. Since I'd seen how much makeup artists charge, especially to go out to a venue, I was thrilled to agree.

You might recall that this was my makeup inspiration:

Here I am with all my red bits and black circles covered up with, um, whatever it is they use:

And Mel doing some final touches:
What it looked like at the end. I LOVED it:
Then Mel got going on Sister Ruby Slippers. Here she is having her eyelashes squeezed. I hate that part!
All of the above photos were taken by BFF Ruby Slippers, and there are therefore unfortunately no photos of her getting her makeup done. I was in far too much of a frazzly tizz by this point even to think of taking any. But I did get a shot of the back of her hair!

While the girls were getting their makeup done, my hairstylist Megan arrived with her assistant. I love the "Gleep!" look on my face here!

The next two are my hair inspirations. However, we had to go with curlier, more ringletty curls for the length of my hair, because, as proved by my trial, my hair doesn't hold more free-flowing curls. It's excessively curly or nothing.

I swear she used a whole bottle of hairspray on my hair. Those curls were SOLID.

Here's Megan putting my tiara on. I'm not sure what I'm doing with my hand!

And fixing the last few curls around my tiara. I love, love, love, how it looks in my hair, and overall I really loved the whole look of my hair, too.

I think this is where Tanja arrived, because this is the first shot she got, of Mel fixing up my lipstick after I'd finished the hairstyling.

Whooooa, cleavage again!

And, finally, one of me just sitting, looking pensive. I have no idea when Tanja took this, or why I was even sitting down (did I have TIME for that? I don't remember that!), but I love the expression on my face. Not happy, not excited, just calm and serene. Just waiting to become a wife...the wife of the man I love above everything.


  1. I love the way your hair looked! I've always been a fan of curly hair. That picture of you with your hand is great..I have to wonder what you WERE doing?

  2. I THINK, now that I, um, think about it, that I was talking to Megan about the guy at her salon who did my makeup for my e-pictures. He was SUCH a screaming queen, so I think I was doing the limp-wristed gay thing.

  3. That last photo is beautiful! I love the colour and such. :) How in the world are you going to pick all the ones you love for your album?? When do you have to do that by?

  4. Well, Tanja is on holiday now, so when she gets back I still have to get the rest of the pics from her. THEN I can worry about that! But I have sorta started picking my faves from what I do have. The only thing is, some of them I only like because I worked on them in photoshop, but she's going to use the originals she had in the album...

  5. SO beautiful. What an amazing job they did for you!

  6. Hello :)

    Yes, you're right about where I live!

    I deleted your comment because, even though people could recognise my city from the photos, I'm still trying to keep quiet about it, and it would have been easily searchable from the places you mentioned.

    Coolest city ever, though, right? ;)

  7. Cate - I hope you come back to this! Sorry about the "clues" in my comment to you - I guess stealth is not my middle name, and I'm not cut out for a life of subterfuge after all. :-)

    It is an awesome town. If I had to go back to England, it is undoubtedly where I would live, and I lived in four places in the year I was there. I was totally distraught when that, um, old thing was destroyed in 2003/2004. Ok this is too hard, I'll stop talking!

  8. No worries... I'm not that good at it either and I'm sure it gets easier and easier to find me every time I post, especially with the pictures!

    Glad you liked it so much, you must give me a shout if you're ever back over here. And yeah, the loss of the "old thing" was tragic, but the state of it now is even sadder :(

  9. I hope to go back one day. It's such a pity my cousin doesn't live there anymore! I will indeed give you a yell if I make it out there...economics are not looking good right now, though!

  10. Wow...looked stunning...!!


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