29 January, 2009

Video: Walking in

I thought I'd share the actual moment(s) with you! The bridesmaids walking into the chapel, followed by my entrance. I was going to do two separate videos, but I got lazy and just stuck them together with a jump cut. Apologies.

There's nothing like video with sound. This really gives you a feeling of what it was actually like. I love the music I picked out (though I wish my Dad's friend had got the beginning of my music, because it builds so nicely), and of course, you can really see how I went from perky bride to about-to-cry-bride, back to I'm-okay!-bride in the space of ten seconds. Enjoy!


  1. Awe how sweet. And the jump cut wasn't really noticible at all.

  2. awww.. i loved the music! I would love to post the video online, but how do I do that? I have some pretty long ones, like 18 minutes. Is there someone who will host that? lol

    Thanks for sharing!! :)

  3. Cool music choice. Reflected the enormity of the feeling at that moment brilliantly.

  4. Sarah - I don't know who will host a video longer than 10 minutes. One option is to put it in two parts on youtube. I've seen that done a lot. Or check out vimeo; I don't know what their policy is. What about facebook? They have a video section but I've never used it.

    Cate - thanks! I loved the Father of the Bride theme. And it always makes me mother cry; has done for years. (Me too). The BM theme, in case anyone is wondering, was from Much Ado About Nothing (patrick Doyle).


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