24 January, 2009

Down the Yellow Brick Road Part VII: Going to the Chapel and We're...

When we last left off, I was a BRIDE!

And my girls were looking just as beautiful as can be (but not as beautiful as me...) :P

If you're wondering what that funny bulge is in Sister Slippers' skirt, it's her knees. That's because her shoes were so high that the first picture looked like this:

Whoa, giantess sister! So my Mom made her crouch down like a deformed person for the other photo.

Do you see their necklaces? These were my bridesmaid gifts to them. MIL Ruby Slippers is a part time rep for Honey Jewellery, and she lent me a catalogue a few months before the wedding. I selected four that I liked that I thought would work as necklaces for The Day, and sent BFF Ruby Slippers and Sister Ruby Slippers pictures of them, asking which ones they liked best. I like to think I made it sound like I was choosing a necklace for myself, but I'm pretty sure they were totally onto me! However, by the time I gifted them at my bridal shower, they had both completely forgotten about it! Or so they claimed.

This is what BFF Slippers chose:

And here is Sister Slippers':
They were both so pretty that I rather wished I'd got one for myself! And at least they are something they can both wear over and over again. Brides like to say that they choose the bridesmaid dresses for re-wearability, but to be honest, I don't know where either of my girls will ever go that they'll need a full-length red satin gown. At least they can always wear a necklace!

Oh and here's a picture of my Mom and my Sister all dressed up(I think BFF RS took this one):

And my Mom and my Auntie Pam, who is actually my Mom's cousin. They were so close growing up that they were each other's only bridesmaids, and they wore the same wedding dress as well! (sorry, BFF, but you're not getting your paws on mine! I don't share that way).

So then it was time for some girlie portraits! And, would you believe it, the sun came out just in time, never to be submerged behind clouds again (that day, anyway).

Yep, lots of smiling, laughing, looking at each other, laughing more...

It was around this point that one of the coordinators from The Moon & Sixpence, Thandi, who had been bobbing in and out for the last ten or fifteen minutes, told us that they were Ready For Us at the chapel. One of the other coordinators - never got his name! - was standing by at the chapel, checking with Mr Ruby Slippers and the families if everyone was there and ready to begin, and he was in constant contact with Thandi so she could tell us when to go. My Mom, Aunt and amazing make-up friendor, Mel, had left a few minutes before while we did the bridesmaid pictures, so it was just us to walk down to the chapel. I must admit at this point I had NO idea what time it was, and it didn't occur to me to ask. I was in such a haze of excitement and stress from rushing to get ready and get all the photos I wanted, that I couldn't think about such inane things as time. Never even considered it for pretty much the rest of the day.

Here we are leaving the honeymoon suite and the other clutch of rooms they have for guests:

Down the corridor that leads straight from the rooms into the carpark. Yeah...we didn't get photos of that bit! You can see Thandi being helpful with my train behind me:

At some point I had to tell her that although she was being very sweet, she was getting in all my photos, and I really just wanted to have me and my girls, and not some lady that I'd just met that day, in all my pictures! I think I was nice about it. I hope so!

Tanja walked ahead of us the whole way and took pictures, and BFF Ruby Slippers took over train-holding duty. Here we are going down the steps into the garden:

Don't fall in your white dress, don't fall...

And crossing the lawn to the chapel:

to be married...over several posts.

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  1. man, you're really dragging this out! hehehe Your photos with your girls look great, you've got to be pleased! :)

  2. I love your parasols! Very chic (and practical!) I can't wait to read the to be wed post(s).
    Your Mom's dress was very pretty. No frumpy Mother-of-the-bride there!

  3. Love the pretty pretty parasols. They make me so happy to look at.

  4. Sarah - I'm dragging it out because I don't yet have any photos of the guests outside the chapel. Except one that was in with the Men Getting Ready Section. I really hope there ARE some!

    Jest & Jenna: I loved the parasols. I hunted high and low for those dang things. Mr Rs got so sick of me dragging him to Chinatown/Chinamart/anywhere oriental-themed! They turned out well, so I'm very pleased.

    Jest: My Mom bought that dress like a month after we got engaged! She was so prepared!

  5. I do love those parasols! I got a brochure with a similar shot this weekend and just loved it.

    The one where you are going down the steps into the garden is my fav. Beautiful!


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