20 January, 2009

Golden Globes

Ok, so I'm going to deviate from The Wedding slightly this week, because I am Awards Show OBSESSED, as is usual for this time of year. The Oscar nominations are out on Thursday, so I'm going to post my predictions, but before I do that I'm going to do a little Best and Worst-dressed recap of the Golden Globes. (I was supposed to post this last Thursday, but my internet only came back on now. I was going crazy in here...I don't know how I survived with only dial-up, let alone NO internet. Man, I missed my blogs. And Facebook. And looking up stuff on the Imdb!

Back to the Golden Globes! Or, as Emma Thompson ( channelling Jane Austen) once put it, "The Golden Spheres".

BEST-DRESSED (in no particular order):

Olivia Wilde
It doesn't hurt that this lady is unbelievably beautiful (I totally fancy her in an, um, non-gay way), but I really love her pretty pinky-purple fairytale creation. I think she could have done with a necklace, though.

Kate Beckinsale
Another hottie, whose white, form-fitting mermaid dress was elegance per-dressified.
Melissa George
I don't think I'd ever heard of her before this year, but can you say "classic Hollywood"??

Eva Longoria
Sexy and elegant in a red mermaid dress that looks like it was spray-painted on at the top. Suck it, all you people who said she'd got fat.

Drew Barrymore
Seems like mermaids were all the rage. I'm not mad about Drew's hair, but I love her floaty, classic grey dress!

Anne Hathaway
Always poised and elegant, Anne is a classic beauty in this dark blue number. Again, I yearn to put a necklace on her. Do I not know something about when not to wear a necklace?

WORST-DRESSED (the fun part!)

Renee Zellweger
Seriously? She thought it was a good idea to wear a nude bra under black chiffon? I mean (and I think I speak for the world here) I'm glad she wore something under there, but why wear a sheer fabric and make people have to check if you're nude underneath? It's just...trashy. Plus, is it just me, or does she look like a reanimated corpse in this picture?

Cameron Diaz
It constantly amazes me that a woman as beautiful as Miss Diaz always looks so CRAP at red carpet events. Ugly dress, hideous fabric, yucky colour, grown-out highlights, flat, limp hair....score!

Angelina Jolie
Ok, I take it all back, Cameron. Angelina is even more beautiful, and she looks just as bad, if not worse. What, did she just find a silver potato sack lying around in the garden shed? And think she could glam it up by cutting a slit in it? Apparently it took her so long to do that she didn't have time to wash her hair.

Taraji Hensen
I'd never heard of her before the Globes, but she's not starting off very well in this mess of a dress. Yuck.

Freida Pinto
What is wrong with these beautiful girls? Here's one in a mustard potato sack! Do you think she and Angelina swapped ideas at the after-party? How to look crap in an old sack dress? Freida would have looked so beautiful in a blue, or deep red, or even white to set off her skin tone. *Shakes head sadly*

Rumer Willis
This dress is just uuuuuuuhgly. And it looks way too small round the top - where on earth are her breasts? Why are they halfway down her torso? And bad move, dyeing her hair to match her gown. Her mom, Demi, looked so much hotter it was embarrassing.

Ouch, Rumer.

What do you guys think? Who looked hot or not?


  1. I do love that Melissa George dress, too. It's very classic..perfect way to describe it.
    You don't have it posted here, but I just had to mention Blake Lively's dress (of course I always bring it back to Gossip Girl..haha). It was just terrible. She's not a big girl, by any means, but she wore it far too tight and she almost looked pregnant. Was strange.

  2. I totally considered Blake Lively, but she fell in the middle - the dress itself was nice, but it looked terrible ON her because it was too small. So I decided to go with ugly dresses that looked terrible too! :-)

  3. I love Olivia Wildes dress - definitely one of my favourite dresses of the Golden Globes

  4. I love how opinions can differ. I agree with most of yours but I love Rumor's dress, it's my favourite! I don't like her or her purple hair and she's always wearing strapless dresses that make her boobs look way too low/non-existant! But take her out of that aubergine confection and it is perfection, to me at least. I also like Drew's hair... Tee hee. But completely agree on Melissa George's dress. Stunningly elegant.


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