30 April, 2009

Happy Happy

I can hardly believe it. It just seems to have sneaked up on us, but somewhere between today and tomorrow is my and Mr Ruby Slippers' six month anniversary! (because there is no 31st of April :-)) It seems like just the other day that we were standing in the chapel, promising to love each other forever. It's been a fabulous, wonderful, beautiful experience. We tell each other all the time how happy we are to have found and married each other. Le sigh. It's great.

Lately Mr RS has taken to leaving me love notes as my screensaver, so I can walk into the computer room and see "I love you!" dancing around my screen. Yesterday the screensaver read: "Look under keyboard!" I did, and saw this:


Oh, and while I'm at it, I sort of forgot to mention it was my birthday this month. Mr Ruby Slippers took note of the pleas I didn't even know I was emitting (how good is he?), and got me THIS:

A brand-new widescreen LCD for my computer! So I can edit more easily. He's so delicious I could just eat him up. And I can. Cos he's my HUSBAND. For six months! Heee!


  1. Happy Anniversary. Looks like you got a good one..that makes me feel happy for you :)

    And happy belated birthday. I knew it was around Easter time, but you never mentioned it exactly, so I wasn't sure. What a nice present!! Hope you had a good day.

  2. I did get a good one. I can't believe unlucky me was that lucky!

    Lurve him.


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