15 October, 2009

Hey, it's That Guy!

It's no secret that as well as being a blogstalker, I'm a movie nut. And along with being a movie nut comes an obsession with:
1)owning everything I might ever want to see again,
2) a desire to know lines off by heart, and
3) the need to know who every actor or actress is in every movie I see.

Most people (except my brother-in-law, who is appallingly bad at recognising actors) will know who the main actors are when they go to see a film. But it drives me crazy if I recognise someone in a film and I know I've seen them in something else, but I don't know what their name is. Call it one of my quirks. I have to know, so the next time I see that guy, I know who he is. You've probably come across some of these yourself. And so, in the interests of helping my fellows (assuming you care), I introduce:


(This, hopefully, will help me blog more often as well.)

You probably do it all the time. You're watching Grey's Anatomy/CSI/House/whatever, and a recognisable  guest star appears. "Hey, it's that guy!" you say. "What guy?" says your spouse, partner or significant other. "That guy! He's from...I don't know...he's in stuff! I saw him in something just the other day!" you reply. And you get a funny look in return. Unless, of course, your spouse, partner or significant other also recognises That Guy, and you spend the next hour not enjoying the show, because you're trying to figure out who the heck he is, and where you've seen him.

Or maybe it's just me, and you guys don't let this stuff bother you. :-)

Anyway, my first That Guy is one of my favourites, because he's been around for absolute ages, and he still hasn't graduated to a known name for most people. Some of you might know him, but I had to explain to THREE PEOPLE tonight who Stephen Fry is (I nearly fell over), so I'm not assuming anything.

So today's That Guy is DAVID MORSE.

Who? This guy:

You might recognise him from movies like Twelve Monkeys, The Green Mile, The Long Kiss Goodnight (is it just me who totally loves that movie?), The Rock, Contact, The Negotiator and Disturbia. Recently, he was the cop who hated House on season 3 of House. He was also apparently in 40 episodes of Hack, which I've never seen. Maybe you all know who he is after all! And if you were old enough in the eighties, he was on St Elsewhere as well.

Hmm, I just read up on St Elsewhere, and now I totally want to watch it. We never got it here.


  1. Seriously - you had to explain Stephen Fry to 3 people?!? Wow!

    I've only had a similar problem with American friends, but the whole world ought to know who he is!

  2. I love this idea! I'm one of those people who can NOT remember actor's names. I'm terrible at it. I know I've seen That Guy in some cool stuff though. hehe :)

  3. We are always doing that in out house! I am pretty good at knowing That Guy's/Girl's name, but every so often I'm stuck. This is such a fab idea!!

  4. This guy does look familiar. Whenever pop culture comes up, people look at me like I live under a rock (I don't really watch or read anything or keep up with who's famous), so this is definitely going to help me! hehe :)


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