15 October, 2009

A house, take 1

Yesterday I found a house. The house I want to buy. I love it, and I've only seen pictures. It has all my prerequisistes:

1) It has a high wall and electric gate.
2) It has a little garden of its own so Gollum can do his kitty business.
3) It's part of a little set of five houses built on one property, but all separate, but therefore small enough not to have to maintain a big area.
4) It's bright and airy with big windows
5) It looks fresh and new and makes me feel happy.
6) It's in the same suburb that we live in now, and I like living here.
7) This wasn't a prerequisite, but we know the people who are going to be selling it, so they won't try to stiff us or mess us around.

We can't afford it. Unless I get some fantastic kickass fulltime job and make my new photography biz pay in big time simultaneously, we can't afford it.

I feel sad.


  1. Totally hear you on that! There have been a few houses that I've seen lately and I love, but the funds are just not there... even if the housing market here is at rock bottom and so are the prices. When the time is right, it's right. You'll find the house that was meant for you soon!

  2. I wish our prices were at rock bottom! But then that might involve the economy tanking, and it hasn't too badly yet. Thanks for your support!


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