12 October, 2009

Today, I...

...nearly freaked out at the sight of a parktown prawn on my floor, till I realised it was an old leaf that had blown in under the door. Then I came downstairs later and did it again. My husband obligingly stood on it and crushed it to smithereens. It definitely wasn't a parktown prawn. They aren't killed that easily.

I really need to get a doorstop of sorts so this doesn't happen again.

...went shopping for the first step of my home improvement program, and bought four sturdy wooden boxes to stand our computer screens on. Why they don't just make screens the right height for your head, I'll never know. But these will be a huge improvement on the magazine piles and old cardboard box we've been using, and we can also use them to store things we never use. Ooooh. I love storage. Mr Ruby Slippers was quite excited by the trip, mostly because he loves boxes. "They're so full of potential," he explained. I love him.

...had to sing Le Jazz Hot for the first time holding a microphone. It wasn't easy, but it sounds so much nicer! We also had to work out how to pass the four microphones around the six soloists during "You can't stop the beat". That was...interesting. Five and a half weeks till opening night. Yelp.


  1. OMG that thing is horrifying! I thought maybe "parktown prawn" was other-place slang for cockroach, but cockroaches, while disgusting, do not look like they could eat you, smack their lips, and ask for seconds. Gads!

  2. I KNOW! I am terrified of those things, because they can jump incredibly high, usually right AT you! Your description is spot on!

  3. Where I come from, a "prawn" is a large shrimp that tastes delicious broiled and dipped in drawn butter. THAT is not a shrimp.


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