13 October, 2009

Today, I...

...tidied out my closet (well, my part of the shelf section, anyway), and actually found stuff to give away! I have this terrible habit of hanging onto clothes for sentimental reasons. Actually, I don't know why that's terrible, but I get the impression it is.

Look how neat and tidy!

Maybe having clothes in neat, folded piles is normal for some of you, but my usual approach to putting clothes away is throwing them on the shelf and hoping they stick.

And here's what I'm donating, when I get around to it!

Notice how pretty much all my clothes are black, white and blue. It just happens that way! And yes, that white bag you can see on the cupboard door in the background is my wedding dress. I don't know where else to put it. :-)

Tomorrow...well, I'd like to say tomorrow would be tidying my chest of drawers and that I'd start painting those boxes we bought, but I have to go grocery shopping, get photos printed, stand in line to hand in a repeat prescription at the pharamacy (LOVE doing that) and then go to my Mom's for her birthday. So maybe Wednesday.

It kind of feels like that's all I did today. Oh, I went to rehearsal and sat watching everyone else for most of the time, and got freaked out because I cannot remember the moves to "You can drive a person crazy". Words, I can learn without even trying. Movements are something I have to concentrate really hard on, because they will never, ever come naturally. If I lose concentration I can finish singing a whole song without knowing how I got there. But the moves won't happen. :-/


  1. I hate putting clothes away. Washing, drying, folding, and putting on hangers, fine. Putting them away is hubby's job. I think it has somethiung to do with disliking opening drawers or cupboards. It's one of my weird peeves.

    My dream is to have shelves one item deep that I can put the clothes on and not have to dig in the dresser. 'Cuz if I have to open a drawer to get to a shirt in the back, that shirt will never get worn.

  2. I'd rather put them away than iron them! But what I did in that first picture, for example, is put the stuff in the two piles at the back that I pretty much never wear. Some of them I'm keeping for sentimental reasons, some because they will be useful in a show (I do community theatre) and the second I throw them out I'll need them, and some because I just don't wear them often, but I might...

    I really want to try not to mess up those piles! And my drawers look like a hurricane hit.


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