11 October, 2009

Home improvement

A few months ago, I was whinging  complaining mentioning that I really wanted a house of my own. I just have this idea that once I own a home I can decorate it the way I want, and it will all by beautiful and matchy and fabulous, and I can take you on virtual tours of its awesomeness, like Blue-Eyed Bride does with her yummy home. At the moment we're renting a garden cottage, and we've been here for three years and four months. And I haven't really done squat to decorate it. Why?

Well, partly it's the age-old money issue. We don't have the cash to buy matching furniture (or a dining room table) or pretty things. The other thing that's holding me back is we don't own this house, so we can't paint anything or put up shelves (we asked). We have hung a few pictures; I hope they don't mind those holes. I don't want to make curtains because every house has different sized windows, and "when we move out" (our constant phrase for the past three years) they might not fit the new place. And that would be a waste...and I hate waste. Thanks for that, Mom. :-)

But we're not moving out anytime soon, it appears. So why the heck can't I bring myself to make the place a bit more...I don't know.... How I'd like it?

It's funny, because the type of rooms that appeal to me are bright, clean, and minimalist. And I think that's only appealing to me because I've never had it. I am a Hoarder, people. It's not like those scary shows on tv, but I have bits and pieces everywhere, and tons of books and dvds and albums and mementos and a gazillion little thingymabobs and whatyoumacallems and doodymalairys. So I figure I'm just hankering after rooms that look like THIS because I've never had them, right?


I mean, come on. Could I even keep a room like that clean? Never mind tidy??

As proof, I offer you these photos. I can't even believe I'm doing this. I just took two photos of our computer room (affectionately known as the Spare Oom) and one of our bedroom. I didn't pick up or move anything. This is how untidy we are. I also apologise for the bad quality pics. I didn't feel like unearthing batteries for my flash.

Ok, so it's not 'crazy hoarding people on tv' material. But look at the piles of clothes by the bed (especially Mr Ruby's side!) Look at the stuff on the floor between my bedside table and my bookcase. Look at the stuff ON the bedside tables! And the cute kitty sleeping under the window on the left hand side :-) He makes more mess with his hair and little pawprints than we do.

This is our Spare Oom:

Yes, we each have two screens, because we're nerdy like that. Just look at all the crap on the desks, though!
And here's the opposite side of the room:

(Yes, we have a sink in our computer room. We don't use it, though. As far as we can tell, our house used to be an office, and this was their kitchen. It also accounts for the fluorescent striplights in the bedroom). Anyway, just look at all that random stuff on the floor and on the sink. It makes me sad.  How pretty are my dvds, though? :-)
A few days ago I stumbled upon a darling little blog called Life in the Fun Lane. Thank you (and I mean that sarcastically) to whoever linked me to it, because I'm completely enthralled by the author's adventures in renovating and in refurbishing old furniture and making it look all white and beautiful and shabby chic. I want some of that shabby chic action in my house, please.

LOOK at this. I mean, come on. No house should be that adorable, right?

The Halloween decor - elegant and delicious!

One of the items of furniture she's revamped.

And then, to make matters worse, I found these two pictures lurking on photography blogs, and they just leapt out at me and made me crave them. Seriously. I desire them in an unhealthy way.

Not the baby. The TREE. The beautiful, gorgeous tree, spreading its branches protectingly and lovingly. Swoon.


The BIRDS. Flying free from those cages that I love so much right now. I could cry, it's so beautiful. Waaaaaant. So badly.

And actually, this shouldn't be too hard, because I have a husband who can paint. I just have to convince him that he wants them too :-)

The other day that same husband of mine made me have an epiphany. I said, "I want to decorate our living room in black, white and green one day." And he said, "Why don't you start now?"

And I said. "Why DON'T I start now?"

Sometimes I'm so obtuse it frightens me :-)


  1. HI darlin! I'm so happy there's a non-photo post! hehehe

    I want to point out that all of those rooms have clutter too, just organized in an efficient manner. Did you notice the dishes piled up on the side table in the dining room picture? and the blankets rolled up in a basket in the living room one?

    It's not about not having things, it's about organizing it and buying storage pieces that work for what you have. Now, yes, you may have to *edit* what you keep out (as opposed to putting in boxes in the basement), but then you can rotate the things you love. :)

    Also - don't worry too much about the untidy. That stems mostly I would thing from not having the storage that you need (in the office). In the bedroom, that's just not putting clothes in the washer. lol They probably had to pick up for their photographs too, right? ;)

  2. oo! one more thing! Your big wall murals can be peel and stick!! It's one of the greatest invention for apartments EVER.


    Try that out. :) If you need to ship something to me then I can ship it to you if you'd like!

  3. From one clutter bug to another, I can relate!! I look around my house and there is STUFF everywhere. There are days when I get so aggravated and wish everything had a place or was in it's place. My house isn't dirty or messy, it's just over flowing with stuff. We all know people who's houses are always neat and tidy, and I wonder why can't I be like that?! If you ever figure out their secret, do pass the info on to the rest of us!!

  4. Sarah, that IS a big problem in our house - we have no storage space. But we just collect way too much STUFF too. I know it, don't sugarcoat it!

    And never in a million YEARS would I bother to roll up my tv blankets. They can just drape on the sofa till next time.

    Melanie - I KNOW! You show up at someone's house enexpectedly, and it's TIDY? That could never happen to me! I yearn to have a wall of drawers where I could just shove everything! The only problem is then I'd never be able to find anything. That, and I'd need to have a wall of drawers on every wall in the house! :-)

  5. Wow. My rooms look like the ones you posted (so we must be more normal than we think) and I would do anything for the look you posted. I get on a tangent from time to time and throw things away, but then I buy more to replace it.


  6. Kathryn - That's why they invented label makers!! I LOVE them!!

  7. What did I miss? What would the label makers be for?


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