19 June, 2008

Bring on the black, red and white!

Originally my wedding colours were going to be crimson and white. Simple, right? I'd be in white with dark red flowers, and my girls would be in dark red with white flowers. The end. Why would I need something else? Then I got worried. Was it too blah? Did I need an accent colour? OMG, did I need TWO accent colours??

After a brief dalliance with purple, I decided that to bring in the Hollywood glamour feel I would need to add a bit of black. The flowers will still be crimson/dark red/burgundy/claret whatever you want to call it, but the black is going to come through in ribbons (bouquets, programs, etc) and borders on the place cards, menus, and other stationery.I've made an inspiration board for this colour scheme! All inspired by thetop left-hand picture of the red tulips on the monochrome damask cloth.

I am toying with the idea of getting black or black & white damask table runners (the tablecloths are white in our venue), but to be honest, it just feels like yet another expense that hardly anyone will notice anyway. I have to know when to stop! Little things add up in a horribly frightening way. Anyway, I'm using this pattern as the border to my placecards and menu:

And I'm using this look for my programs. I love the idea of it so much morethan a normal book-shaped program.

I'm also going to have the confetti cones, proably half in crimson and half in black. More paper to buy, oh dear....

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  1. LOL we have the exact same theme and color...I love it i get married in four days. I had to buy stamps with the design and stamp a lot of things myself to save money :)


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