13 June, 2008

Welcome...to Meeee!

Hello out there to everyone who, um, probably isn't reading this! At the moment the biggest project in my life is My Wedding (just how many blogs have been started in the name of wedding-planning? I'm almost afraid to wonder). There are four and a half months till the big day, and suddenly all the little things I needed to leave till closer to the time are creeping up on me! You know, all those things you can't do early on in the planning, like making edible favours and printing the programs (because some detail of the ceremony WILL change) or making the table seating charts. So suddenly it's all upon me! Oh, to be a man and sit back playing computer games, instead of worrying about where to find fabric for damask table runners...or even whether I should HAVE damask table runners....or any table runners, for that matter.


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