27 June, 2008

A Suiting We Will Go

Bah humbug. Men have it so easy! On Sunday we went to a mall or two, ostensibly to look for Mr Ruby Slippers' wedding ring (more on that story later) and we passed by a suit shop. I suggested we go in to check out prices and see what was available. This was how the conversation transpired:

Shop Assistant (hereafter known as SA): Hi, can I help you?
Mr RS: I'm looking for a black suit.
SA: Here's one. Would you like to try it on?
Mr RS: Okay.(He goes into the change room, and I go look at ties. I'm still trying to find a white one so I can convince him it actually DOES look nice, when he emerges)
SA: I'll pin the legs shorter for you.
Other SA: We've got these tie and waistcoat sets. Do you want to try one on?
Mr RS: Okay.(They show him three, he picks one.)
SA: That looks great.
Other SA: Yes, it does.
Mr RS: Yes, it does.
[At this point Miss Ruby Slippers is getting a bit perturbed (while feeling proud of yummy Mr RS all dashing and suited up), because surely we're just looking to see what's out there, and now these guys are going to expect a sale!]
Miss RS: It does look nice, but...
Mr RS: I'll take it.
Miss RS: Um, don't you want to look around first?
Mr RS: Hell, no!

And that was that. One groom's suit, tie, waistcoat and pocket handkerchief thingy, all in the space of twenty minutes. And he's never going to second-guess his choice and wish he could have ten weddings so he could wear ten different suits. Apparently that's all left up to me. If only hunting for a dress had been this easy! Can we say three months? THREE months!Versus 20 minutes! Bah humbug.

How fast did your hubbies pick out their outfits?

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