16 June, 2008

I need a change! Post haste...but post-wedding...

Ok, so over the last few months I’ve grown totally sick of my hair. I never DO anything with it! It’s so flat and booooring. So now I really feel like mixing things up, cutting it all off or going red, or something. The only problem is…THE WEDDING! I can’t change anything until after the wedding! Because I want long, loose curls, so it has to be long, and I want to be blonde, because I’ve been blonde for 29 years and my wedding photos is not the place to change that! So suddenly I can’t wait until November when I can do something like totally radical, hey.
You know how boring Gwyneth Paltrow is? My hair looks like hers. Only thinner and less well-groomed.

I think I could carry off a choppy bob like Elliott did in Scrubs a few seasons back, when she did a big makeover:

Fun, Huh? Anybody else planning on making a big change after their wedding?

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  1. i really think this look is great.


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