14 June, 2008

Centrepiece woes...

Who knew centrepieces could be so complicated? Probably everyone except me…it’s just, in the old days (you know, like the eighties!) everyone had these big floral arrangements on their tables, the kind that were poofy (to match the sleeves on the wedding dress), and so huge you couldn’t see five people on the other side of the table. Not me, I decided, I’m going to have something simple and elegant and (ahem) cheaper...

Definitely don’t want this…


Anyway, so I’ve narrowed my idea of simple and elegant and inexpensive down to about fifty. Just kidding. I’ve got it down to forty-seven now. :-)

These are some pictures I love. I just don’t know how to decide which one to go with! I feel like the submerged flower idea, while stunning if it’s pulled off correctly, can end up looking really shoddy if done badly. At this point I should say that I’m not having a florist decorate the tables, because a friend of mine is paying for the flowers as his wedding gift (isn’t he the best?) but another friend of mine - and possibly me, depending on time and stress - is going to pull the decor together. So it CAN’T be too complex!

LOVE the elegance of this..but it’s too tall.

This is pretty and romantic…but too plain?

This is stunning…but it’s more daytime and summery than my wedding…

Just love this one too, but is it too many littles vases of stuff? Can we say "Complex and time-consuming?"

Yeah, so basically I don’t have a CLUE what I want. How on earth do I combine all the elements I like from all these photos, while doing the whole thing kind of DIY?

Oh, and did I mention I also don’t want my poor friend who is PAYING for all of this to fall over in shock. And then never speak to me again!

Flowers are a pain. Pity I like them so much! It would be so much easier with just candles.

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